Lost Kings- You (ft. Katelyn Tarver)

10/24/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

If Ashlee Simpson were still a relevant entity in the music world, I feel like she would sing this song. But, alas, homegirl is stuck in 2006 along with Mischa Barton and Spencer Pratt and so the song goes to Nickelodeon-star "Katelyn Tarver" instead. Say what you want about Disney/ ABC Family/ Nickelodeon kids-turned-full-time-celeb but they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. Shailene Woodley gets paid to fall in love with hot guys and Selena Gomez is a fundamental member of T. Swift's #squad. Oh, and Miley Cyrus just gets to smoke weed all day every day. Success all around for people of this caliber, so it's no surprise that Katelyn Tarver has also managed break-out of the tween-scene and onto the HypeM charts. Of course most of the credit for this oh-too-infectious ditty goes to the Lost Kings, who first grabbed our attention last month with the release of "Bad". This song is like the Golden Retriever of house pop music #weirdbuttrue. It's just something that's like unbelievably happy and spirited but also refreshingly, for a lack of a better word, simple. Like don't tell me you don't feel an incredible amount of synergy when you press play and scroll through the gifs below:

Honestly, 87% of the reason I even made that canine-based analogy is so I could search through Golden Retriever gifs for 20 minutes #blessed. But also, if that audio-visual experience didn't just give you the goofiest ear-to-ear smile, then u have no soul and please leave this site and be with people of your own kind (aka type www.pitchfork.com into ur search bar #throwningshade #dontcare).