Mapei- A Million Ways to Live

10/01/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

It's a true shame this song isn't the highlight of a visually-stunning Target commercial right now. Can't you just see an overly-conservatively-dressed family dancing to this in a house that looks PeeWee Herman designed it?? You can't deny that "A Million Ways to Live" has those upbeat vibes and that general wide-spread appeal that said superstore seeks in a track to make the next "it" tune. Instead, Target is currently featuring a song from 1986 by a band called "Nu Shooz", which, honestly, sounds less like a band name and more like the name of a kids toy marketed on Nickelodeon #weirdbuttrue. Less one-hit wonders and more HypeM tracks plz, Target.

But, in all seriousness, I'm grooving hard to this one, guyyyyys. I dig that British-y, dancey drumbeat almost as much as I dig the sassy piano layered underneath it all. All that spunky accompaniment plus the little touch of horns makes me wanna go out swing dancing, pronto. Too bad the last time I tried to do a swing dance move I was 8 and my sister dropped me on my head onto pine-floor decking. (<--- so many questions about my normalcy—or lack thereof—just got answered, no?)