Matt Corby- Monday

10/12/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

This song has way too many good vibes to be labelled as "Monday". A track labelled Monday should consist of like an aggressively-long string of swear words layered over an iPhone alarm that goes off every 9 minutes for an hour and a half. The true sounds of Satan's favorite day of the week. The latest from Aussie-native Matt Corby is so chill and soothing it should be called "mid-winter-bubble-bath" or "First-Class-hand-towels". Just something that fully depicts the amount of bliss I am feeling RN as Corby's warm harmonies pour through my elated eardrums. I guess those titles probably didn't kill it in the marketing and promotions meetings, though. Not very eloquent, but, hey, that's my tagline! I know I'm being more shallow than a Californian reservoir when I say this, but, the only thing I love more than Corby's crooning is his beautiful fucking face. He truly looks like the love child of Liam Hemsworth and Jesus. Because, let's be honest, if Jesus swung that way he would definitely be into Gale Hawthorne's defined biceps and piercing husky eyes. HOW COULD HE NOT BE???