PHASES- I'm in Love With My Life (Eau Claire Remix)

10/09/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

WARNING: if u Yahoo search* "PHASES" and u don't <3 the lunar cycle more than your first-born child, you will be confused and disappointed by the search results. Yahoo obvi doesn't follow the hipster music scene very intensely. Loserssss.

But, other than this one cyberspace caviat, I have absolutely nothing negative to say in this post. As if the PHASES original tune wasn't infectious enough, Eau Claire takes a stab at "I'm in Love With My Life" and achieves a Hermione-Granger-level of success with it. The feel-good piano slabs and groovy back-beat all accompany the blissful Californian vocals flawlessly. It's the perfect track to play after anything in your life goes wrong, as it repeats the phrase "I'm in Love With My Life" so many times that ur brainwashed into believing it's so. Got a massive zit on your face? Turn this on and by the end you'll have your ego boosted so high that you'll be SnapChatting unfiltered selfies to your crush. Starbucks got ur coffee order wrong but you'll be late to work if you take the time to complain? Pop this on and it'll seem like you got those 2 extra expresso shots you fucking asked for.

*I'm writing this on someone else computer who literally hasn't updated any computer or phone applications since Mischa Barton was a relevant celeb entity. So her deafult search browser is Yahoo!.... lol.