Quinn XCII- Stung (ft. ayokay)

10/19/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

This. Cover Art.............. "Houston Quinn XCII, we have a problem." What is this? Perhaps it's a depiction of what Mr. XCII saw when he did acid during NYC's supermoon last month. Who knows. Whatever hipster meaning behind it, I am not into the end result. PDA should be performed by celebrities and cute, little old people ONLY. You know you agree.

Aside from it's cover art, Detroit-based "Quinn XCII"'s latest is pure melodic bliss. "Stung"'s perfectly polished piano slabs and eclectic production style pair together better than nice whiskey and cheap pizza (<--- #thingsUlearn@workfunctions). And on top of all of ayokay's amazing layering, Quinn's vocals steer the track through an ever-changing array of tempos and vibes. His honeyed voice floats from balladic-pop to R&B groove so seamlessly he's like a male Nicki Minaj. (I mostly made that comparison so can see this guy's reaction when I s/o to him on twitter and proclaim he's the next Nicki Minaj heh heh heh).