*RELEASE* The Chainsmokers- New York City

10/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

All I can say is #preeeeeach. The chorus to The Chainsmokers' latest basically took the words straight out my drunk-alter-ego's mouth. Every night of the weekend I pray silently to myself (or aloud if I've had enough tequila) that NYC will go easy on me, my wallet, and my feet that I have ambitiously (and idiotically) squeezed into wobbly, 4-inch tall booties. The night usually ends with my prayers unanswered and my ego sizably-bruised by the fact that I fell and ate shit in the middle of E Houston traffic.

But enough about me and my glamorous #ratchet life. Veering from the track's all-too-real lyricism, the production style of "New York City" is also deserving of some praise. The intricacy and innovation of the song's layering only proves how much talent The Chainsmokers possess. "NYC" oscillates from a string-studded ballad to a synth-driven, progressive house banger with so much fluidity that it's first track I've ever used the tag "bipolar" for. I mean this in a good way. The song is unpredictable and intense, like an auditory incarnation of Carrie Matheson off her meds. Or like the city of New York itself (yeah, shit just got deep). The track also serves a pivotal role in The Chainsmokers' ever-rising careers. Not only is it the last single off their "Bouquet" EP*", but the song also marks the kick-off of their Friendzone tour. Although, if you're gonna name your show the "Friendzone tour" you might as well have just have named it "The Jorah Mormont Experience". HBO would undoubtedly shell out some serious $$$ for the promotion of their content, and who doesn't love money?!? It grows on trees and buys you happiness**!

*buy it here or 4ever be on our shitlist, right after white girls sporting cornrows and right before Katharine Heigl.

**Don't fact-check that.