Ryan Hemsworth & Lucas- From Grace

10/24/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Ryan Hemsworth: a true master of soundscape. Few people can construct a universe out of sounds without vocals, and I believe he is best of the best. Him and Tycho. That compliment is meant to counteract my last post, in which I confused him with Ryan Lewis and congratulated him on his recent success with Macklemore. I thought I was being so funny** -- "RYAN CAN WE GO THRIFT SHOPPING." Nailed it. Weed is bad you guys. Anyways, in Mr. Hemsworth's most recent effort, he has partnered with a dude named Lucas to give the people "From Grace," a four minute jumble of...I don't know what. No really, I don't know what's happening here. But somehow, it succeeds at conjuring up a lot of emotion. It's like the Adele of instrumental tracks. How Ryan did that with (what sounds like) a bird- wing flapping sample and some drums is beyond what my teeny brain can comprehend. You reduced me to a tearful contemplative mess with synths. Well played.

**a recurring theme on this blog