Steve James X Jasmine Thompson- Earned It (The Weeknd Cover)

10/23/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

JASMINE THOMSPON WAS BORN IN 2000. The tail-end of 2000 I might add. Learning this news made me feel older than Betty White and about as cool as a broken Frigidaire. When I was 15 I lived vicariously through my Sims and my most prized possession was a life-size cardboard cut-out of Legolas. Whereas Jasmine Thompson at 15 is slaying covers and feature spots left and right.

We first took notice of Thompson's ghostly vocals last August when Felix Jaehn remixed her cover of "Ain't Nobody." She's someone who, in the past year, has frequented the HypeM charts more than I frequent 16-Handles, and yet you still may have passed her over. But no longer! If you haven't noticed Ms. Thompson yet, her cover of "Earned It" screams "pay some fucking attention to me!" Not only has she decided to tackle a track by The Weekend, aka the biggest up-and-coming pop star in the game right now*, but she (and Steve James) manage to rework "Earned It" in all the right ways. The slow-building piano, Thompson's flutey vocals and the chipmunk-tweaked harmonies all pair together perfectly. Although as the track progresses it sounds less and less like the original, I still dig it's swirly-pop vibes and applaud them for actually embracing the song and making it their own. Press play below for forever be on my shitlist, ppl, this song rocks my socks.

*and a man with hair more wonky than that of the entire Whoville community