10/31/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Happy Halloween to every loon out there. Instead of giving you "Trick or Treat For UNICEF***" money, my gift is this song from Danish up n comer THE ROSA. (No) offense to every unknown that has emailed us music, but this is literally the only good submission to date. First of all, it doesn't seem like it was recorded with a potato. It sounds like actual humans set up recording equipment and captured THE ROSA's soulful voice skillfully. Bringing some Alicia Keys vibes. Secondly, there is structure to this song. It may surprise all the Millennials in the house, but not all of you are capable of writing a song. I certainly am not.^^^ Well THE ROSA wrote a catchy ass song yall, and she deserves to be applauded. Lastly, this song is relatable. In "Love Me Back," THE ROSA sings of an all too common scenario: throwing yourself at someone who values you less than the last piece of gum. Exhibit A: "I need you / But you make me cry / Yet I cry for you / I will cry for you / Don't want to be anyone else's no ...So love me back" Preach girl. I know your struggle.

 ***Did this happen to other people? Call me Satan but I just wanted to gobble free candy in the 3rd grade, and this charitable facet of Halloween was the worst.

^^^I just talk shit about people that do!!