The Zolas - Fell In Love With New York

10/03/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

3 years ago, I was obsessed with The Zolas song "Knot In My Heart." Too obsessed. To be honest, I played that song so many times all my friends grew to despise it. So Zolas, I owe you an apology. I alienated many (4) potential fans because I blared your amazing track until it became Guantanamo torture music. (Let the record state I still love that song). "Fell In Love With New York" will probably be no different. It's synthy pop bliss. A little disco. Feel it. It's also throwing some amazing shade. Unlike Swify's "Welcome To New York" version, which is sucking major de Blasio D, this track is acerbic and sung by West Coasters.*** Exhibit A: "You're always surrounded / You're always alone / I fell in love with New York cause I want to atone" Amazing. Also pretty clever. I mean, it's nothing that hasn't been said before, but I do enjoy some good rhymes. Still not convinced this is thinly veiled hatred? "Get a sick chattel internship / At a gallery in Chelsea" Shots fired!! To the Zolas, you have won my NYC-based heart.

***no not Cali, Vancouver. I guess this counts as West Coast, but really I can only think of Canada as "beyond the wall" ala Game of Thrones. Is this offensive I don't care.