THEY. - Motley Crue

10/24/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Holy moly these people have Illuminati written all over them. Or should I say THEM. Reasons why: classical myth themes in the album art, the spelling of new as "nu,"and lastly, lyrics about ambiguous danger. Also they came out of no where. Shady shit you guys. Regardless of whether or not THEY. are secretly running the nation, their track "Motley Crue" deserves your attention. Firstly, any song with beautiful male harmonizing is a winner to me. I mean this is basically the Everly Brothers, if the Everly Brothers sang of pussy and niggas. Secondly, the ominous R&B vibe is cranked to 1000. There's a creepy piano riff, some monkish backing vocals, and a loop about being "forgiven." I love it. The Weeknd probably heard this and ripped his pineapple hair out!! It's okay Abel, I still like the Hills.

P.s. THEY., I want you to know when I visited your twitter page the "you may also like" section provided Bill de Blasio as an option. #Illuminati