Tinashe- I Wanna Get Better (Bleachers Collab.)

9/29/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I'VE HAD THIS ON REPEAT ALLLLL WEEKEND. At pregames, late night, shower time, while cooking, okayyyy, ordering seamless (I'm not that resourceful). You name it. My friends and roomies hate me but my ears love meeeee mucho. As if we didn't already fall completely in love with the Bleachers original, Tinashe now puts an infectious, futuristic-garage-pop* spin on the track that grows more fucking amazing with every 8-count that passes. A surprising take on the track considering all of Tinashe's other stuff has a more R&B vibe. But Tinashe, homegirl, get some record label intern or entourage member to add some more info and pinache to your Wiki page. RN all I know about your personal life is that

1. you were bullied in childhood (vague AF)
2. you lived with ur parents at some point in your life (vaguer-er AF)
3. you lived in a 1 bedroom studio at some point in your life (okay, less vague than the last two, but still VAGUEEEE)
4. you have a black belt in Taekwondo 

Like, that last one's actually cool as shit, but the others differentiate you from no one. If that's the backstory it takes to have a Wiki page then I'm only a black belt away!! Brb, gotta go find Mr. Myagi. 

*yes, I just made that genre up. But isn't it also kinda what music needs more of??? #weirdbuttrue