XYLØ - L.A Love Song

10/12/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

An (apparent) series of unfortunate events continues for XYLØ. I mean I don't really know what's up with these two, but each single convinces me this band is what would have happened if the Bauderlaire family grew up to make dark-pop music. AMAZING dark pop music. 4th single in, and these guys are still bringing it. This is impressive, because most people have exactly 1 good song in them. Just ask Carly Rae Jepson. Or Gotye. To have four very solid singles is a great indicator you could fill out an entire album.   <----- (I'm so smart right, I should definitely run Sony.) Furthermore, XYLØ is original! They sound like L.A developed the mistiness and gloom of London. And "Depressed L.A." is such a fresh concept. At least for me. Don't yell at me if I'm wrong. Basically I love XYLØ and I'm being gushy and inarticulate. I have reverted to junior year in high school, when I tried to talk to my hot history teacher about my paper on Reconstruction but ended up babbling about my mom's cat. You guys are like my Jeff Goldblum of indie music.*** U rock don't change.

PS, we realized you tweeted some of the lyrics to this song @ us in July: "We're all living in the gutter / Some of us are looking at the stars" Such stealth promotion you sly dogs!!

***Jeff Goldblum is the celebrity I would sleep with if given my pick. No playin. But honestly I would sleep with anyone who was in The Big Chill. Even Glenn Close.