t4L in a Nutshell- November 2015

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Cause we can't blog every amazzzing track that crosses our path. 
(We do have lives THE FUCKING ADELE ALBUM TO LISTEN TO, yah know?)

EDEN- Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Cover)
This song was destined to be the highlight of a male-centric remake of Pitch Perfect. The first minute anyway. It gets a little rough around the edges from there on out, but in the best way possible. I dig it mucho.

Prince Fox- I Don't Wanna Love You (ft. Melody Noel)
The name of the song aptly sums up my feelings for dis one. Like I shouldn't love this track cause I'm not young and drunk 24/7 anymore. But I can't help but love the house-y vocals and intense build here. I've always been a sucker for any tune that sounds like it would light up a Scandinavian night club.

IYES- Can't Feel My Face (The Weeknd Cover)
I know, I know, this song has been passed the wannabe pop-star community so many times it's like that one hot girl at military school. But this cover's worth listening to, I promise!

Blink 182- I Miss You (Two Friends Remix)
#fuckingDUH I wasn't gonna leave November without acknowledging this amazing example of how far music has come. Truly it's a remix I never thought I needed but I now cannot imagine living without. It's like the Apple Watch of remixes, y'all!

Dua Lipa - New Love (Original & Jarreau Vandal Remix)

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This girl has been getting comparisons to Amy Winehouse. When I say "getting comparisons," I mean I read it in one anonymous Youtube comment, but I agree. She's from Londy, and also possesses a rich tone of voice. Check it. I was honestly very tortured over whether to post the original version or the remix that I high-jacked from Majestic Casual. To really give you some insight, this was a Peeta vs. Gale type of decision. On the one hand, Jarreau Vandal is offering us spliced up vocals and wompy synths (Gale). And I'm a moth to a flame for that shit. It's like if you dangled pizza in front of blacked out me. Or sober me. Any conscious version of myself really. But on the other hand, you have the original indie pop version (Peeta). Big drums, held out notes, and a Lana Del Rey-esque music video. There's some harmonies! SOPHIE'S CHOICE YALL. I'm going to give the slight edge to the original, because even though Peeta is midget and kind of a loser, he loves you, you can boss him around, and he did try and kill you one time, which in the Hunger Games universe is kind of hot I guess. T4L out.

KINGDM - Can't Get Over You

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***singing*** Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got till its gone. Was it A) Emo tumblr or B) Joni Mitchell. Trick question, the answer is ovi Counting Crows. But for real, house piano has been missing from my life, and KINGDM brought it back. While I am shaking my head at this artist's inability to include the letter "o" in their stage name, I cannot hate the artistry present. The production is flawlessly executed. A classic example of British-person perfection. Aside from the aforementioned #housepiano, there are beautiful claps and groovy synths. Not to mention those glorious pipes. I have no idea who is singing (if I had to take a guess at the shadows provided in that picture, my money is NOT on man-bun), but their voice is smooth aF. Makes me wanna shimmy around a club so dark no one will be able to witness my horrifying disco moves."Can't Get Over You":  hopefully coming to a pitch black venue near you any day.

Androma- Jacy

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I can't believe I have to wait until next summer to bask in the sunshine and listen to thissss. It's some fucked up shit. It hasn't even snowed yet and I'm already craving summer and warm weather more than I'm craving the Seamless I ordered. Aaaaaaand it's been about 45 minutes now so I'm craving it really. fucking. badly.

Easing the wait for my Pad Thai, however, is this little ditty from Parisian DJ, Androma, who provides us with a perfect fusion of the tropical and the tribal. The sampling choice is already a proven success when paired with synthesizer, but the subtle strings layered throughout the track really elevates it to a whole other level of infectious. The song makes me feel so cultured! As a sheltered white person, I love that!!! It makes me feel as though I spent my Thanksgiving vacation tutoring orphaned school children in Cote d'Ivoire when, in reality, I spent it with my ass glues to the couch and my eyes glued to my SnapChat like every true-blooded American did. But, hey, Thanksgiving is a time for expanding stomachs, not horizons, amiright???

Shawn Mendes - Stiches (3LAU Remix)

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Guys, I did not know Shawn Mendes was such a cutie. So what if he's born in 1998, it's a brave new world and I'm prepared to serve time to hang out with him sexually. I could be the Mary Kay Letourneau of the 21st century. Shawn would not understand that reference, but it's k I can explain it to him. And also explain that Mary Kay and her elementary school b.f. are MARRIED 10 YEARS. Suck it bitches!!!*** Anyways, moving past Mr. Mendes' age, I am very into this remix. 3LAU (pronouced Blau FYI, because of course) has removed the acoustic guitar and replaced it with alien electro noises. Another blog I read said this treatment made it acceptable to like the song, and I wanna call bullshit on this. While I appreciate 3LAU's contribution to "Stiches," this is a very solid pop song on it's own. It's just been given a glossy, mollied out makeover. We dig it. Except the line "without your kisses / I'll be needing stiches." That makes me to die a slow death.

****I would like to state for the record I do not endorse this marriage. I only support Soon-Yi and Woody Allen.

Satellite Mode- Wild Excuses

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After enduring hours and hours* of pain-staking research on the internet for this newly-formed NYC duo, I have acquired a Jon-Snow-level of knowledge about Satellite Mode—aka I know nothing. I'm actually impressed with this group's almost non-existent internet presence; they truly possess a digital footprint so small that Ron Swanson has wet dreams about it. This is actually a damn shame, however, because Jess Carvo and Alex Marko seem like quite the dynamic duo. "Wild Excuses" manages to ride that fine line between polished and gritty: juxtaposing Marko's rumbling, distorted synth with that ohh-so-smooth sax. The whole combination of his darkly intricate production style and the attitude of her sultry voice really had me thinking this duo was British-based at first glance listen. But, ultimately, that's like the biggest compliment a band can receive from t4L. We idolize British music more than Helga Pataki idolizes her closeted Arnold shrine. Sure I could have picked a reference from this decade, or even this millenium, but who doesn't wanna stroll down memory lane and end up at PS 118, amiright???

*okayyyyy, fine, like 12 minutes

FLETCHER- Live Young Die Free

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Damn. This is some sugary-pop perfection. Plz excuse me while I take a trip to the dentist and take care of this cavity that "Live Young Die Free" has caused. Then I guess I should stop by my middle school because my 7th grade English teacher will definitely want to scold me for that cliche dental joke -___-.

FLETCHER's spirited, saccharine vocals and the track's tribal, powerhouse drumming flow together in perfect synergy here. And making the track even better is the addition of some easy-to-follow chanting throughout—aka my absolute favorite kind of chanting seeing as I am both lazy and rhythmically-challenged. In fact, the only thing I love more than FLETCHER's empowering and infectious new single is her idiosyncratic personal style. In all her promo photos for her tracks she's styled like John Galliano if he quit the fashion biz and started a cattle ranch in Wyoming. I mean, not even 2001's it-couple, B. Spears and J.T., could rock the Canadian tuxedo, but here FLETCHER is pulling the look off without issue #jealous.

*RELEASE* Sofi de la Torre - Mess EP

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I can tell from the evidence of her left arm Sofi de La Torre is cool as fuck. Like, she's subtly giving the finger, and seemingly jammin to her own amazing music. Or probably the Sex Pistols or something. I like the backwards e, and the colors in the artwork. Basically girl crushing hard. Plus, she's Spanish. I went to summer camp in Maine for 147 years, and there were always like 6 girls from Spain. All of them were chill and pretty and they made girls from New England, America look like fucking troll dolls. Besides these superficial things, I like Sofi because this EP is solid. Her team has been using the phrase #popdoneright and I cannot argue. Her voice is floaty and piercing, giving me early 2000s vibes. The production is very vibrant. I don't know how to sound less stoned but the "sound" is really whole. Probably because this is the work of Scandinavian producers, the undisputed winners of composing pop music. "Mess" is my fav, but check them all out. Because it won't hurt u I promise.

Class Actress - High On Love (Dave Edwards Remix)

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In the 2nd to last day of the month, I am so desperate for music to blog that I have been trolling Youtube all day for hidden gems. A midst the recommended videos of Aziz Ansari joking about dick pics, I stumbled across Class Actress. I am (like a good hipster) very embarrassed I never heard of her until now. She has a very legit back catalog and every song I listened to for 7 seconds was pleasant. That album art is funny. What I am most psyched about though, is that DAVE EDWARDS remixed this song. I cannot say enough good things about Dedwards. Probably the only remix man I love. Betty Who's "All Of Me" was #1 on my shower playlist for like 2 months. Uber drivers across Manhattan feared me because I would blare it after drunkenly demanding an AUX cord. And now I can replace it with this. It kind of sounds like Kylie Minogue. A+.

Jarbird - Such is The House

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Jarbird is an emerging act from the U.K. These #britishpeople are ones to watch for me. Because this song intrigues me, and because of their vague similarity to SOHN, my favorite indie artist of all time.*** I think it's the clicking percussion. I have also been reading comparisons to Local Natives. If you like those people mentioned, press play. If u don't, also click on this so our click rates go up. Then we can get advertising and rule the world and be able to afford a house on the Jersey Shore next summer. Back to Jarbird, "Such is the House" is unique little slice of electronic. The lyrics make me wonder about the lady the lead singer is dating. Consider the lyrics: "It's not an unusual crime / To stand before a mirror and cry / But you do it every night" ...Did Kylie dump Tyga for you? Because I hear those words and her terrifying face pops into my head. I should probably stop following E! Online's insta account. Dumb jokes aside, "Such is the House" is a really pretty and delicate track. I love the bass guitar notes. More plz.

***I know we speak mostly is hyperbole but this is a fact.

Zella Day & Vanic - High

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Zella Day has made it. I have gauged this off the scientific measurement of Youtube comments. If you have 14 year old girls commenting "THIS IS MY QUEEN" or "Demi Lovato is garbage compared to you!!" with 700 upvotes, you're basically one hit single away from having a stalker. Congrats girl! You have so much to look forward to. Not to mention she possesses a talent for rocking Wild West style. That hat makes you look like you just came from handing out smallpox blankets to Indians. Killing it. On to the relevant things, Vanic's rework of Zella Day's "High" rules. At first, I was suspicious there were no changes. I don't need a remix rendered into an unrecognizable mess, but for me to respect a "remixer," there needs to be something added besides a jumpy bar-mitzvah beat. Well Vanic's take on "High" is a thing of subtle beauty. He stripped out the commercial production (hello bored studio musicians**) and added some fancy-yet-tasteful electro backing. There's even a slight foray into the electronic chipmunk genre. Overall, his treatment makes the song a lot more interesting, and compliments her voice perfectly. And she has a fantastic voice. Sounds like Lana Del Rey if she could actually sing lol.

***Seriously go listen to the original. It sounds like she's being accompanied by a bunch of 45 year old dudes who are realizing mid-song their teenage dream of rock-stardom is dead.

Prinze George - Speed Demon (ft. ESHOVO)

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Prinze George possesses a power similar to Adele: that of producing instant melancholy. I mean, I was on a manic sugar high from my Sunday breakfast of choco pancakes and cancer-inducing bacon, popped this on the Soundcloud, and now I feel like Sylvia Plath. I mean this with the highest compliments. Music that evokes actual human emotion deserves so much more respect than Hotline Bling. "Victor," PG's other cry anthem, changed my life. No playin u guys!! One of the best tunes of 2014. So not shockingly,"Speed Demon" is sonic Old Yeller, and it is great. Reminds me a lot of Phantogram. Also lyrically this reminds me of 78 kids I went to college with, and a lot of celebrities. The reckless person is scary to watch, because unless they start setting dogs on fire ala Amanda Bynes, there's not a lot you can do about it. It's also frightening because the behavior is probably a reaction to some scary shit you don't know about. Ooo T4L getting #dark today. Blame it on the Sunday Scaries. And Prinze George! Love u.

P.s Naomi, can you please tell me where you obtained the bathmat coat in that pic. It is my greatest wish to own a coat such as this and I cannot find anywhere in the universe. #realproblem

Chet Faker & Marcus Marr - Birthday Card

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Another banger from Chet Faker and his less famous collaborator! The title "Birthday Card" is baffling me because those words never appear in the lyrics. When this happens in a song I feel a lot of anxiety, because it's like a riddle I will never solve. Take for example, the Who song "Baba O'Riley." Everyone in the free-speaking universe thinks that song is called Teenage Wasteland. Roger Daltry, on behalf of all of us, Who is Baba O'Riley? Is it the name of the shitty Lebanese-Irish fusion restaurant where you thought up the melody? I guess I will never know. (It's not like any medium exists through which I could learn the answer #sarcasm #wiki) Anyways, "Birthday Card" is bugging me for this reason. But like a very brave person, I am dealing, because this song is dope. The intro is very Disclosure. Then we are treated to Chet Faker's beautiful relaxing vocals. His voice swoops around this production like a graceful and elegant dragon. Very slick. Favorite lyrics are: "I'm a boy / I'm a man / I don't know / Where I stand." I can't help but think this song is the male counterpart to Britney Spears classic ballad, "Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman." Rock on Chet & Marcus, Britney is amazing company to be in.

Wet - It's All in Vain

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Don't google image "wet." I was a fool!! Anyways, once I added "band" to this search, I was met with the beautiful faces of this Brooklyn trio. Seriously you guys are all very hot. Well, the two people I can see are. But I need to ask, do you hate your shrouded third band member? Is he the Harry Potter to your Dursley family? Jk jk, i'm just trying to troll y'all. Perhaps he is shy. Perhaps you are trying to take a pic in Bermuda Triangle formation. I don't know you. Moving on, we are here to discuss Wet's amazing new single "It's All In Vain." Another (inferior) blog has labeled this genre as "down-tempo R&B/pop." I would say this is accurate. Kelly Zutrau has a beautiful voice. When she launches into those upper register notes I feel like I am being serenaded by an angel. The piano is perfectly complementary, as is that kick-drum beat. Just a phenomenal chill hang track! Although I shudder to think of the awkward audience swaying a live performance of this probably provokes. Just a bunch of white people acting like sea grass. I need to come to a show and join in. SEE U SOON GUYS.

George Cosby - Vacant Grace

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Warning: don't ever play this at a pregame. You could go into this song pumped up and ready to blackout with your ladies, and by the end you would be weeping and inhaling all the Ben & Jerry's the bodega across the street would allow you to purchase. What I'm trying to say: this song is emotional as fuck, and we are obsessed with it. It's like the vocals of Elvis Presley met and began a family with the production of Jeff Buckley. Truly, just a slow-burning 3 minutes of raw singing. I mean, anything that's called "Vacant Grace" shouldn't be considered lightly. Imagine Biebs dropped a new single and was like, "this one's called Vacant Grace ya'll."....100% crickets. Definitely not for the Z100 fans. But everyone has to admire the sparseness of the track. George Cosby is singing all alone with the lone accompaniment of a guitar***, and he's devastating everyone in the process. This is like Adele but less manipulative. It feels honest. If you don't feel all the feels when you listen to this, I have no choice but to assume you are Robert Durst. Byeeeeee.

***I took a leap of faith here and labeled an instrument myself. Don't hate me if it's actually a piano George! I'm stupid!

CHINAH - Minds

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We are late to the party here, but as they say, better late than never. Actually scratch that. In indie land, if you are late to the party, you can basically go kill yourself. For example, if you walked into a party in Bushwick and raved about brand new artist the Weeknd and his smash hit The Hills, at least one hipster's head would explode. And their last words would be: "I KNEW ABOUT HOUSE OF BALLOONS IN 2011 FUCKERS." Anyways, I digress. The point here is: I'm digging CHINAH and their sound, even though this song came out a full 2.5 weeks ago. If I had to label them...foreign Haim? (They are Danish!) I would say the similarities come more from the style of singing rather than actual vocal sound. It's kind of swooping? That analysis was vague and pretty meaningless, but that's as scientific as I can get. The heavy synths are great. First of all, who doesn't love that shit, and secondly, they go great with the pixie singing. Lastly, I feel emotion when I listen to this! In the jaded world of the Internet, that's an admirable feat.

*SUBMISSION* Foxtrax- People Say

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El oh ellllll at this photo. I seriously didn't think I could love an image more than the 2014 Oscar selfie, but this picture may have it beat. Sure the Oscars image has Jennifer Lawrence but this one has puppies!! And puppies > humans. Always. Unless the puppy in question is a Chinese Crested, 'cause I'm still convinced that is not even a legit dog breed. Those things look like the love child of a naked mole rat and Donald Trump, and we all know both of those are members of the rodent-, not canine-, family.

If the above picture didn't already have you falling head-over-heels in love with Foxtrax, clicking the play button for "People Say" mo' def* will. The lead singer, Ben Schneid, possesses a voice that is kinda like Alex Trimble (from Two Door Cinema Club) meets Chris Daughtery #inagoodway. It blurs the lines between pop, indie and rock, resulting in a voice that sounds classic, yet still unique. And these honeyed vocals float oh-too-perfectly over the laid-back, dynamic accompaniment provided by Schneid and his bandmates, Jon and Jared Stenz. Also mad props* to the super Stenz bros for being able to create such infectious music together. I'm always uber impressed when siblings can collaborate so successfully. My sisters and I haven't been able to amiably decide on a T.V. show to watch since 1996 and here these boys are producing perfect little slices of indie-rock heaven.

If yah like what yah hear, Foxtrax is playing their first ever L.A. show tomorrow, y'alllll! So, if you are blessed enough to live in the land of eternal sunshine and ppl too pretty for their own good, head to State Social House in West Hollywood circa 7:30 tomorrow or basically be dead 2 us forever.

*sry, idk why I keep sounding like a douchebag from 2005. I guess I've been watching to many O.C. reruns -___-.

P.S. "People Say" is really just the tip of the iceberg for this talented trio. All their stuff has a Young-the-Giant-meets-Coldplay vibe to them, so do your cochleae a favor and visit their Soundcloud page stat.

Matoma- Knives (ft. FRENSHIP)

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Matoma basically has the entire millennial population eating out of the palms of his hands. His name has grown into such a revered and notable entity in the electronic world that he could produce a track consisting entirely of Spongebob giggles and sound-bytes from "The Jersey Shore" and internet bloggers around the world would call it a masterpiece. But credit where credit is due, Matoma has all these 20-somethings obsessing over his music because the dude fucking gets it. As if we weren't already obsessed with all his remixes, Matoma's original stuff manages to be even more infectious. Of course we encounter the Norwegian-native's classic tropical vibes in "Knives" but there's also something a little mid-2000's R&B going on in the track. Needless to say, I love it mucho. Idk why exactly, but I just wanna listen to this song on repeat while smoking a perfectly-rolled blunt with Shaggy and Nelly. Bust Rhymes can come too. Any turn-of-the-century R&B artist really....... except R. Kelly. I usually try to avoid hanging with illiterates who have an affinity for golden showers, but that's just me.

Santigold- Can't Get Enough of Myself (ft. B.C.)

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Welcome to the 1950's sock-hop version of "I'm Feeling Myself" by Nicki Minaj, everyone! (an underrated song if ever there was one tbh). I never really thought I'd use "sock hop" and "Nicki Minaj" in one sentence, but it has now given me the image of Kween Minaj in a poodle skirt which is a pretty lol-worthy picture. Along with it's up-beat, 50's feel, "I Can't Get Enough of Myself" also manages to sound a little like a late-80's electronic track. Considering I love ABBA (and Cher) more than I have ever loved any boy, that tinge of vintage electronica completely sold me on the song. That and the horns. They're so sassy and bold, they're like the aural version of the statement bright red lip. The blaring brass pairs purrrrfectly with Santigold's honeyed vocals, making me too obsessed with this song for my own good. Speaking of Sanitgold, did you know homegirl is 39?!? I repeat. Thirty-fucking-nine. She literally looks 17. I wish you had birthed me, Santigold, so I could have inherited your anti-aging skin cells. And your amazing voice come to think of it. But, alas, it was not meant to be. Instead, I have a hide as rough as a bullfrog and the singing abilities of... well, ironically enough, a bullfrog.

Jojee - Claim

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Move over Gloria Steinem, there's a new bitch in town, and her name is Jojee. I'm serious, this song is empowering as fuck. It tells the tale of Joejee and a past love who treated her like garbage. Instead of putting up with his shit in the same way each of Henry VIII's wives attempted to***, she said #byehater, and lived happily ever after. For real though, there is an honesty to these lyrics that grabs you. Her words are simple and effective ("I can't believe it took this long / You don't want my heart / You just wanna claim me") and also hilarious. Exhibit A: "I would set myself on fire / Just to keep you warm and dry" I mean, I spit out my 5th glass of red wine when I heard that. Because it's clever, true, and fucking very funny. Lastly, props to Jojee for mixing up her sound. I would have loved 75 renditions of "Unravel Me," but she did something different, which shows more versatility than 90% of people we blog. We luv you. Plz invite us over to talk shit about boys.

***that worked out super well in case you forgot

DJ Snake- Middle (ft. Bipolar Sunshine)

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DJ Snake, what a man. Aside from looking like Pitbull's blind, skinnier brother, he's slowly climbing to the top of our favorite artists list. First off, he knows his DJ name is bullshit, okay? He's quoted saying "The name sucks, but it’s too late now." Tru, dude, but points to Slytherin for owning it*.  Secondly, his production skills are actually pretty elite. I'd like you to find another DJ out there that can so seamlessly switch from tropical to turban vibes. It's not an easy transition. Thirdly, his collaboration choices are perfection. First he combines with MØ to produce "Lean On", which is my favorite song to drunk-eat Indian food to. And now he layers Bipolar Sunshine's velvety vocals over this pleasant array of muted piano slabs and warm xylophone harmonies. The whole thing is so Jamie xx and indie of him, I'm into it. And, finally, if all these things weren't enough to convince u that DJ Snake rocks, check out his Twitter feed. Highlights include:

"I need learn how to say 'fuck you' in a nice way"
"Hoverboards are the new gucci belt"
"All my uber drivers assume I listen to Young Thug and that's ok with me"
"Candy for breakfast. I feel like shit but I'm satisfied"
"I could never get hit with 'What are thooose?' My shoe game is elite"

The dude just fucking gets it.

*sry, but you can't have a shaved head and be named "DJ Snake" and not be in Slytherin, yah know?

Cleopold - Scarlet

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I am most familiar with Cleopold (who wears the name well, from that pic I expect him to live in the 18th century in a castle and behead annoying peasants) from last year's collab with Cassian "Running." That song was a tropical banger, and "Scarlet" serves similar vibes. A little more subdued for sure, but those vocals are very distinctive. Okay, those songs sound nothing alike. But it is no lie I am into both of them. "Scarlet" features some snappy synths and downright croony vocals. The beat is so stop-start this song could probably soundtrack a hipster version of Musical Chairs. I'm digging it. Also, comparisons are being made between this dude and Chet Faker. I want to call bullshit on this. The funky guitar lines are definitely similar, but to be honest, Chet Faker seems a lot more fucked up than you dude. I'm not sure why. I feel like he sings more aggressively? Take this as a compliment. Although, the upbeat nature of this tune may be downplaying the ominous nature of the lyrics ("I've got a hallow heart / And Scarlet in my arms") And I mean, I did just liken you to a murderous feudal lord... byeee

*RELEASE* NoMBe - Kemosabe

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NoMBe, why do you look so beleaguered in this pic?? Rough day at the hair salon? I assure you, the comparisons to carrot top will pass. Meanwhile, know that 1) while Kool-Aid head is 99% of the time a massive error in judgment, I think you're kind of pulling it off. And 2) your new song is quite good.

If you recall, T4L nothing short of raved about NoMBe's past two releases last spring, "California Girls" and "Letting In". I'm happy to report that his newest effort, "Kemosabe," does not disappoint. It is clear that this producer has found his sound, a quest that has resulted in consistently solid music.

While the falsetto chorus conjures strong comparisons to Honne and the production has a vaguely Mura Masa-esque quality, NoMBe still manages to leave his fingerprints all over the track in the form of raspy vocals and strangely hard-hitting lyrics.

Granted, the line "make confetti of the times, you made thoughts of trees" is something that Hansel and Zoolander would laud as poetry. However, there are some lyrical morsels strewn through out, namely the loop of "she made damn sure we never gonna be friends." Because, honestly, what is more relatable than lovers scorned? It also doesn't hurt that the way in which NoMBe sings is akin to him whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

NoMBe, please keep churning out the soundtrack to my all my subdued, weed fueled late night hangs. It's good for my street cred.

JONES - Hoops

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Adele isn't the only British songstress with new pop music out! (Sorry, I look for reasons to mention Adele in literally every post, clearly I have a problem ) But for real, East Londoner JONES has the specific fairy dust that pop star ladies possess. Don't be fooled by the indie packaging, this girl is a forced to be reckoned with. Hoops is a prime example. Huge drums: check. Souful voice: yup. Devastating lyrics about being rejected by a dude: HELLO. I love everything about it. The strings are just icing on the cake. And the fact that this song manages to feel uplifting despite its depressing content is very impressive. JONES basically deserves a ton of press and I hope she gets it. And when I say press, I mean articles that discuss something other than the fact her last name is common as fuck ... good one Evening Standard! But hey, any press is good press amirite? I hope to hear more from you girl.

Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime

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New Coldplay album in T-30 days y'all. SPREAD THE WORD. Their 7th release will be called A Head Full Of Dreams, and from the sound of first single, it sounds like Chris Martin got on some Prozac since the release of boring dirge Ghost Stories. Remember that one? Neither do I. Besides "Magic", which is a beautiful song, that whole chapter in their career was a bummer. Let's just say, if the music from the "conscious uncoupling" phase is any indicator, Gwyneth was more inspirational than we estimated. This new track gets back to the commercial Coldplay I luv. It's got dancey guitar hooks and an head-bopping chorus. Basically it feels like an extension of Mylo Xyloto. And who didn't love "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall"? No one that's who. Except "Adventure Of A Lifetime" does sound like a shitty 6 Flags slogan, but I'm willing to overlook this. Anything for you Chris <3 <3 <3

berhana - Janet

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Berhana!! I will strongly resist the urge to call you Benihana, because I'm digging you and your first single "Janet". First off, this song is bringing the people multiple Fresh Prince of Bel-air references. Clips of the show are interspersed throughout the track, and the title comes from actress Janet Hubert, who played Will's Aunt Vivian. As a 90s kid, I have to respect this. I mean, I never watched the Fresh Prince of Bel-air, but I feel obligated to act excited it about when other people discuss its pop culture relevance. And Will Smith was so awesome before he raised monstrous kids.*** Anyways, I'm getting off topic. This song rocks. It's a prime slice of indie R&B. Makes me want to wander through bum-fuck Brooklyn in summer with my friends and eat popsicles. There are legit pop hooks in it. The most obvious comparison to make here would be Frank Ocean. That riff is eerily similar to "Super Rich Kids." Watch your back Franky, Benihana is coming for you!!


Wafia - Heartburn

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This girl is impressive. First of all, she can wear a pleated denim dress and look super cute. That look is basically "hillbilly tennis dress," and yet I want to go out and buy it for $90 at Urban Outfitters. Secondly, her artistry is slaying. We first heard of Wafia when she was part of the sexiest cover EVER, Taku's rendition of American Boy. This time round, homegirl has doused out the sultry fire and brought us melancholy vibes. While American Boy was a solid showcase for Wafia, on "Heartburn" she shines bright like a diamond; just her voice against some soothing electronic  The lack of any sort of crutch here speaks to how good her vocals are. They are angelic and pure, I mean, there's nothing wrong with smoke and mirrors in music, but if your backing track cuts out and your sonic doppelganger becomes Ashlee Simpson, you really have no place on a stage. Also, props to Wafia for naming her song Heartburn. When I saw the song title pop up, I cannot say I wasn't immediately haunted by the Pepto Bismol theme song. The fact that she banishes all associations of acid reflux in 3 bars is impressive. More please.

Moxie Raia- Drugs You Should Try It (TRAVI$ SCOTT Cover)

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This song sounds how I imagine crack feels kinda. Or meth. Whichever is the one that makes you feel invincible and then strung out. Speaking of drugs, this track says you should try them. And why would we stop blindly following what pop culture tells us to do now, yah know?

But, actually, the song that starts out as this gritty, acidic track winds up, at the end, venturing into that sweet sound right on the boundary between R&B and pop. Until that oh-so-beautiful distorted guitar fades out that is. Raia's Travi$ Scott cover dodges and dips between so many different vibes that I honesty don't know what to label it. But I mean this as a compliment! A track exploring and blurring the lines between genres is a muy bueno thing. And didn't this auditory bipolarity make track seem wayyyy longer than 4 and a half minutes?? Like it seemed almost "Let It Happen" long (and that song sounds like I could drift off listening to it on a trans-Atlantic and wake up at Heathrow just as the psychedelic synth fades out.) But, again, this is a compliment, Kween Raia! Tame Impala is my jam. Sure everyone at the party hates it when I hijack the Bieber-blaring speaker and play it, but it's my party so i'll play '60's trance music if I want to!! #itwasntmyparty #pplweremad #ewps? #stillnotsry

Pr0files - Empty Hands

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Dayum, the 80s threw up all over this. In the best way. I'm telling you, this shit is better than every song on the Breakfast Club soundtrack. There are majestic synthesizers and pristine falsetto vocals. I'm digging the middle-school-slow-dance tempo. Also the lyrics are very sad. "I laid it on the line / came back with empty hands /I never thought that / You would be the one who wouldn't understand." Dagger to my heart. Yet another Los Angeles band that makes us reconsider our disdain for Kardashian land. Except Pr0files, you do kind of look like the Bling Ring in that pic. But I have no judgements. If you saw me walking down the street, you would think I escaped from Girl Interrupted. Their debut album "Jurassic Technologie" is out February 2016 yall!! Probably the only thing to look forward to in February. OH AND VALENTINES DAY !! #joy #happiness #couples

Zola Blood - Pieces Of The Day

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I read a review of this song that compared it to a solar storm. While I have no idea what a "solar storm" is***, it did get me thinking about how weather influences music. "Pieces Of The Day" is icy, pensive, and a little gloomy. Aka, it makes perfect sense Zola Blood hails from London. Obviously the UK doesn't have one standard sound (I shudder to think of the world where everyone British sonically resembles One Direction), but a lot of British music sounds like it has Seasonal Affective Disorder. I mean, who doesn't hear the new Adele song and want to violently cry? This rant was a drawn out way of saying: not for even one second did I think Zola Blood was from Jamaica. They remind me of The Maccabees a little bit, and later Horrors. The lead vocals are so pure and beautiful. I love the inclusion of horns at the tail-end of the song. Bringing some Sufjan Stevens vibes. The greatest hangover music. I love you ZB.

***Yes I did google it and I still don't get it. Too many science words u guys.