Satellite Mode- Wild Excuses

11/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

After enduring hours and hours* of pain-staking research on the internet for this newly-formed NYC duo, I have acquired a Jon-Snow-level of knowledge about Satellite Mode—aka I know nothing. I'm actually impressed with this group's almost non-existent internet presence; they truly possess a digital footprint so small that Ron Swanson has wet dreams about it. This is actually a damn shame, however, because Jess Carvo and Alex Marko seem like quite the dynamic duo. "Wild Excuses" manages to ride that fine line between polished and gritty: juxtaposing Marko's rumbling, distorted synth with that ohh-so-smooth sax. The whole combination of his darkly intricate production style and the attitude of her sultry voice really had me thinking this duo was British-based at first glance listen. But, ultimately, that's like the biggest compliment a band can receive from t4L. We idolize British music more than Helga Pataki idolizes her closeted Arnold shrine. Sure I could have picked a reference from this decade, or even this millenium, but who doesn't wanna stroll down memory lane and end up at PS 118, amiright???

*okayyyyy, fine, like 12 minutes