DJ Snake- Middle (ft. Bipolar Sunshine)

11/10/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

DJ Snake, what a man. Aside from looking like Pitbull's blind, skinnier brother, he's slowly climbing to the top of our favorite artists list. First off, he knows his DJ name is bullshit, okay? He's quoted saying "The name sucks, but it’s too late now." Tru, dude, but points to Slytherin for owning it*.  Secondly, his production skills are actually pretty elite. I'd like you to find another DJ out there that can so seamlessly switch from tropical to turban vibes. It's not an easy transition. Thirdly, his collaboration choices are perfection. First he combines with MØ to produce "Lean On", which is my favorite song to drunk-eat Indian food to. And now he layers Bipolar Sunshine's velvety vocals over this pleasant array of muted piano slabs and warm xylophone harmonies. The whole thing is so Jamie xx and indie of him, I'm into it. And, finally, if all these things weren't enough to convince u that DJ Snake rocks, check out his Twitter feed. Highlights include:

"I need learn how to say 'fuck you' in a nice way"
"Hoverboards are the new gucci belt"
"All my uber drivers assume I listen to Young Thug and that's ok with me"
"Candy for breakfast. I feel like shit but I'm satisfied"
"I could never get hit with 'What are thooose?' My shoe game is elite"

The dude just fucking gets it.

*sry, but you can't have a shaved head and be named "DJ Snake" and not be in Slytherin, yah know?