FLETCHER- Live Young Die Free

11/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Damn. This is some sugary-pop perfection. Plz excuse me while I take a trip to the dentist and take care of this cavity that "Live Young Die Free" has caused. Then I guess I should stop by my middle school because my 7th grade English teacher will definitely want to scold me for that cliche dental joke -___-.

FLETCHER's spirited, saccharine vocals and the track's tribal, powerhouse drumming flow together in perfect synergy here. And making the track even better is the addition of some easy-to-follow chanting throughout—aka my absolute favorite kind of chanting seeing as I am both lazy and rhythmically-challenged. In fact, the only thing I love more than FLETCHER's empowering and infectious new single is her idiosyncratic personal style. In all her promo photos for her tracks she's styled like John Galliano if he quit the fashion biz and started a cattle ranch in Wyoming. I mean, not even 2001's it-couple, B. Spears and J.T., could rock the Canadian tuxedo, but here FLETCHER is pulling the look off without issue #jealous.