George Cosby - Vacant Grace

11/21/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Warning: don't ever play this at a pregame. You could go into this song pumped up and ready to blackout with your ladies, and by the end you would be weeping and inhaling all the Ben & Jerry's the bodega across the street would allow you to purchase. What I'm trying to say: this song is emotional as fuck, and we are obsessed with it. It's like the vocals of Elvis Presley met and began a family with the production of Jeff Buckley. Truly, just a slow-burning 3 minutes of raw singing. I mean, anything that's called "Vacant Grace" shouldn't be considered lightly. Imagine Biebs dropped a new single and was like, "this one's called Vacant Grace ya'll."....100% crickets. Definitely not for the Z100 fans. But everyone has to admire the sparseness of the track. George Cosby is singing all alone with the lone accompaniment of a guitar***, and he's devastating everyone in the process. This is like Adele but less manipulative. It feels honest. If you don't feel all the feels when you listen to this, I have no choice but to assume you are Robert Durst. Byeeeeee.

***I took a leap of faith here and labeled an instrument myself. Don't hate me if it's actually a piano George! I'm stupid!