Jarbird - Such is The House

11/29/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Jarbird is an emerging act from the U.K. These #britishpeople are ones to watch for me. Because this song intrigues me, and because of their vague similarity to SOHN, my favorite indie artist of all time.*** I think it's the clicking percussion. I have also been reading comparisons to Local Natives. If you like those people mentioned, press play. If u don't, also click on this so our click rates go up. Then we can get advertising and rule the world and be able to afford a house on the Jersey Shore next summer. Back to Jarbird, "Such is the House" is unique little slice of electronic. The lyrics make me wonder about the lady the lead singer is dating. Consider the lyrics: "It's not an unusual crime / To stand before a mirror and cry / But you do it every night" ...Did Kylie dump Tyga for you? Because I hear those words and her terrifying face pops into my head. I should probably stop following E! Online's insta account. Dumb jokes aside, "Such is the House" is a really pretty and delicate track. I love the bass guitar notes. More plz.

***I know we speak mostly is hyperbole but this is a fact.