Jojee - Claim

11/11/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Move over Gloria Steinem, there's a new bitch in town, and her name is Jojee. I'm serious, this song is empowering as fuck. It tells the tale of Joejee and a past love who treated her like garbage. Instead of putting up with his shit in the same way each of Henry VIII's wives attempted to***, she said #byehater, and lived happily ever after. For real though, there is an honesty to these lyrics that grabs you. Her words are simple and effective ("I can't believe it took this long / You don't want my heart / You just wanna claim me") and also hilarious. Exhibit A: "I would set myself on fire / Just to keep you warm and dry" I mean, I spit out my 5th glass of red wine when I heard that. Because it's clever, true, and fucking very funny. Lastly, props to Jojee for mixing up her sound. I would have loved 75 renditions of "Unravel Me," but she did something different, which shows more versatility than 90% of people we blog. We luv you. Plz invite us over to talk shit about boys.

***that worked out super well in case you forgot