JONES - Hoops

11/07/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Adele isn't the only British songstress with new pop music out! (Sorry, I look for reasons to mention Adele in literally every post, clearly I have a problem ) But for real, East Londoner JONES has the specific fairy dust that pop star ladies possess. Don't be fooled by the indie packaging, this girl is a forced to be reckoned with. Hoops is a prime example. Huge drums: check. Souful voice: yup. Devastating lyrics about being rejected by a dude: HELLO. I love everything about it. The strings are just icing on the cake. And the fact that this song manages to feel uplifting despite its depressing content is very impressive. JONES basically deserves a ton of press and I hope she gets it. And when I say press, I mean articles that discuss something other than the fact her last name is common as fuck ... good one Evening Standard! But hey, any press is good press amirite? I hope to hear more from you girl.