Moxie Raia- Drugs You Should Try It (TRAVI$ SCOTT Cover)

11/04/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This song sounds how I imagine crack feels kinda. Or meth. Whichever is the one that makes you feel invincible and then strung out. Speaking of drugs, this track says you should try them. And why would we stop blindly following what pop culture tells us to do now, yah know?

But, actually, the song that starts out as this gritty, acidic track winds up, at the end, venturing into that sweet sound right on the boundary between R&B and pop. Until that oh-so-beautiful distorted guitar fades out that is. Raia's Travi$ Scott cover dodges and dips between so many different vibes that I honesty don't know what to label it. But I mean this as a compliment! A track exploring and blurring the lines between genres is a muy bueno thing. And didn't this auditory bipolarity make track seem wayyyy longer than 4 and a half minutes?? Like it seemed almost "Let It Happen" long (and that song sounds like I could drift off listening to it on a trans-Atlantic and wake up at Heathrow just as the psychedelic synth fades out.) But, again, this is a compliment, Kween Raia! Tame Impala is my jam. Sure everyone at the party hates it when I hijack the Bieber-blaring speaker and play it, but it's my party so i'll play '60's trance music if I want to!! #itwasntmyparty #pplweremad #ewps? #stillnotsry