*RELEASE* NoMBe - Kemosabe

11/09/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

NoMBe, why do you look so beleaguered in this pic?? Rough day at the hair salon? I assure you, the comparisons to carrot top will pass. Meanwhile, know that 1) while Kool-Aid head is 99% of the time a massive error in judgment, I think you're kind of pulling it off. And 2) your new song is quite good.

If you recall, T4L nothing short of raved about NoMBe's past two releases last spring, "California Girls" and "Letting In". I'm happy to report that his newest effort, "Kemosabe," does not disappoint. It is clear that this producer has found his sound, a quest that has resulted in consistently solid music.

While the falsetto chorus conjures strong comparisons to Honne and the production has a vaguely Mura Masa-esque quality, NoMBe still manages to leave his fingerprints all over the track in the form of raspy vocals and strangely hard-hitting lyrics.

Granted, the line "make confetti of the times, you made thoughts of trees" is something that Hansel and Zoolander would laud as poetry. However, there are some lyrical morsels strewn through out, namely the loop of "she made damn sure we never gonna be friends." Because, honestly, what is more relatable than lovers scorned? It also doesn't hurt that the way in which NoMBe sings is akin to him whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

NoMBe, please keep churning out the soundtrack to my all my subdued, weed fueled late night hangs. It's good for my street cred.