*RELEASE* Sofi de la Torre - Mess EP

11/29/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I can tell from the evidence of her left arm Sofi de La Torre is cool as fuck. Like, she's subtly giving the finger, and seemingly jammin to her own amazing music. Or probably the Sex Pistols or something. I like the backwards e, and the colors in the artwork. Basically girl crushing hard. Plus, she's Spanish. I went to summer camp in Maine for 147 years, and there were always like 6 girls from Spain. All of them were chill and pretty and they made girls from New England, America look like fucking troll dolls. Besides these superficial things, I like Sofi because this EP is solid. Her team has been using the phrase #popdoneright and I cannot argue. Her voice is floaty and piercing, giving me early 2000s vibes. The production is very vibrant. I don't know how to sound less stoned but the "sound" is really whole. Probably because this is the work of Scandinavian producers, the undisputed winners of composing pop music. "Mess" is my fav, but check them all out. Because it won't hurt u I promise.