Santigold- Can't Get Enough of Myself (ft. B.C.)

11/17/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Welcome to the 1950's sock-hop version of "I'm Feeling Myself" by Nicki Minaj, everyone! (an underrated song if ever there was one tbh). I never really thought I'd use "sock hop" and "Nicki Minaj" in one sentence, but it has now given me the image of Kween Minaj in a poodle skirt which is a pretty lol-worthy picture. Along with it's up-beat, 50's feel, "I Can't Get Enough of Myself" also manages to sound a little like a late-80's electronic track. Considering I love ABBA (and Cher) more than I have ever loved any boy, that tinge of vintage electronica completely sold me on the song. That and the horns. They're so sassy and bold, they're like the aural version of the statement bright red lip. The blaring brass pairs purrrrfectly with Santigold's honeyed vocals, making me too obsessed with this song for my own good. Speaking of Sanitgold, did you know homegirl is 39?!? I repeat. Thirty-fucking-nine. She literally looks 17. I wish you had birthed me, Santigold, so I could have inherited your anti-aging skin cells. And your amazing voice come to think of it. But, alas, it was not meant to be. Instead, I have a hide as rough as a bullfrog and the singing abilities of... well, ironically enough, a bullfrog.