Shawn Mendes - Stiches (3LAU Remix)

11/30/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Guys, I did not know Shawn Mendes was such a cutie. So what if he's born in 1998, it's a brave new world and I'm prepared to serve time to hang out with him sexually. I could be the Mary Kay Letourneau of the 21st century. Shawn would not understand that reference, but it's k I can explain it to him. And also explain that Mary Kay and her elementary school b.f. are MARRIED 10 YEARS. Suck it bitches!!!*** Anyways, moving past Mr. Mendes' age, I am very into this remix. 3LAU (pronouced Blau FYI, because of course) has removed the acoustic guitar and replaced it with alien electro noises. Another blog I read said this treatment made it acceptable to like the song, and I wanna call bullshit on this. While I appreciate 3LAU's contribution to "Stiches," this is a very solid pop song on it's own. It's just been given a glossy, mollied out makeover. We dig it. Except the line "without your kisses / I'll be needing stiches." That makes me to die a slow death.

****I would like to state for the record I do not endorse this marriage. I only support Soon-Yi and Woody Allen.