*SUBMISSION* Foxtrax- People Say

11/18/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

El oh ellllll at this photo. I seriously didn't think I could love an image more than the 2014 Oscar selfie, but this picture may have it beat. Sure the Oscars image has Jennifer Lawrence but this one has puppies!! And puppies > humans. Always. Unless the puppy in question is a Chinese Crested, 'cause I'm still convinced that is not even a legit dog breed. Those things look like the love child of a naked mole rat and Donald Trump, and we all know both of those are members of the rodent-, not canine-, family.

If the above picture didn't already have you falling head-over-heels in love with Foxtrax, clicking the play button for "People Say" mo' def* will. The lead singer, Ben Schneid, possesses a voice that is kinda like Alex Trimble (from Two Door Cinema Club) meets Chris Daughtery #inagoodway. It blurs the lines between pop, indie and rock, resulting in a voice that sounds classic, yet still unique. And these honeyed vocals float oh-too-perfectly over the laid-back, dynamic accompaniment provided by Schneid and his bandmates, Jon and Jared Stenz. Also mad props* to the super Stenz bros for being able to create such infectious music together. I'm always uber impressed when siblings can collaborate so successfully. My sisters and I haven't been able to amiably decide on a T.V. show to watch since 1996 and here these boys are producing perfect little slices of indie-rock heaven.

If yah like what yah hear, Foxtrax is playing their first ever L.A. show tomorrow, y'alllll! So, if you are blessed enough to live in the land of eternal sunshine and ppl too pretty for their own good, head to State Social House in West Hollywood circa 7:30 tomorrow or basically be dead 2 us forever.

*sry, idk why I keep sounding like a douchebag from 2005. I guess I've been watching to many O.C. reruns -___-.

P.S. "People Say" is really just the tip of the iceberg for this talented trio. All their stuff has a Young-the-Giant-meets-Coldplay vibe to them, so do your cochleae a favor and visit their Soundcloud page stat.