Wafia - Heartburn

11/04/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This girl is impressive. First of all, she can wear a pleated denim dress and look super cute. That look is basically "hillbilly tennis dress," and yet I want to go out and buy it for $90 at Urban Outfitters. Secondly, her artistry is slaying. We first heard of Wafia when she was part of the sexiest cover EVER, Taku's rendition of American Boy. This time round, homegirl has doused out the sultry fire and brought us melancholy vibes. While American Boy was a solid showcase for Wafia, on "Heartburn" she shines bright like a diamond; just her voice against some soothing electronic  The lack of any sort of crutch here speaks to how good her vocals are. They are angelic and pure, I mean, there's nothing wrong with smoke and mirrors in music, but if your backing track cuts out and your sonic doppelganger becomes Ashlee Simpson, you really have no place on a stage. Also, props to Wafia for naming her song Heartburn. When I saw the song title pop up, I cannot say I wasn't immediately haunted by the Pepto Bismol theme song. The fact that she banishes all associations of acid reflux in 3 bars is impressive. More please.