Wet - It's All in Vain

11/21/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Don't google image "wet." I was a fool!! Anyways, once I added "band" to this search, I was met with the beautiful faces of this Brooklyn trio. Seriously you guys are all very hot. Well, the two people I can see are. But I need to ask, do you hate your shrouded third band member? Is he the Harry Potter to your Dursley family? Jk jk, i'm just trying to troll y'all. Perhaps he is shy. Perhaps you are trying to take a pic in Bermuda Triangle formation. I don't know you. Moving on, we are here to discuss Wet's amazing new single "It's All In Vain." Another (inferior) blog has labeled this genre as "down-tempo R&B/pop." I would say this is accurate. Kelly Zutrau has a beautiful voice. When she launches into those upper register notes I feel like I am being serenaded by an angel. The piano is perfectly complementary, as is that kick-drum beat. Just a phenomenal chill hang track! Although I shudder to think of the awkward audience swaying a live performance of this probably provokes. Just a bunch of white people acting like sea grass. I need to come to a show and join in. SEE U SOON GUYS.