Zola Blood - Pieces Of The Day

11/01/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I read a review of this song that compared it to a solar storm. While I have no idea what a "solar storm" is***, it did get me thinking about how weather influences music. "Pieces Of The Day" is icy, pensive, and a little gloomy. Aka, it makes perfect sense Zola Blood hails from London. Obviously the UK doesn't have one standard sound (I shudder to think of the world where everyone British sonically resembles One Direction), but a lot of British music sounds like it has Seasonal Affective Disorder. I mean, who doesn't hear the new Adele song and want to violently cry? This rant was a drawn out way of saying: not for even one second did I think Zola Blood was from Jamaica. They remind me of The Maccabees a little bit, and later Horrors. The lead vocals are so pure and beautiful. I love the inclusion of horns at the tail-end of the song. Bringing some Sufjan Stevens vibes. The greatest hangover music. I love you ZB.

***Yes I did google it and I still don't get it. Too many science words u guys.