t4L in a Nutshell- December 2015

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Cause we can't blog every amazzzing track that crosses our path. 
(We do have lives FAHKING CHRISTMAS$$S to celebrate, yah know?)


Tove Lo- Real Life (The Weeknd Cover)

Lucas Nord- Faking

Woodlock- Sirens

gnash- Closure (ft. Skizzy Mars)

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Skizzy you dawwwwwwg, you! The NYC alt-rapper manages to squeeze in one final gem before 2015 comes to an end and it comes in the form of "Closure": a slow-burning, R&B-tinted collab. Mars layers some melodic, slick verses over Gnash's ambient synth hits and the chorus is pure dynamic, velvety perfection. I just want to scream its lyrics in Christopher Nolan's face. Even though Inception was 6 years ago, I'm still reaching out for some fucking closure about there.

Transviolet - Girls Your Age (Twin Shadow Remix)

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I was really shocked to hear this, because Transviolet's other single "New Bohemia" sounds completely different. The former was a poppy shout of joy. "Girls Your Age" is slower and more thoughtful. And it's amazing. Somewhere out there, Lana Del Ray is screaming into the night, pissed off she didn't record this. Sarah McTaggart and LDR definitely share similar vocal stylings, but thematically there seems to be overlap too. Dating an older dude, that dude professing how sexy the girl is, bla blah. Unlike Lana Del Rey (at least these days), some of the lyrics in "Girls Your Age" are poignant and clever. My favorites are "17 running from innocence / Like it's a lion / Nipping at my heels / But I'm young so I outrun him" and "he tells me that I'm hot so I tell him that I love him." I mean, is that not a beautifully tragic line!? Subtle and says it all. This is how you do this people. I think it's one of the best written songs I've heard this year. The year of 2015 I mean. In 2016 the best I've heard so far is shitty music by Travi$ Scott.**

** Jk, I love it's auto-tune message about booty-calls and will be blogging it later. Look out.

REMMI - Awake, Asleep

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Before I discuss REMMI's dope song "Awake, Asleep," I need to give a shout-out to the cactus shirt she's rocking in that promo pic. Please where can I purchase this? As someone who strives to dress like a 4 year old boy (I own multiple t-shirts with dinosaurs on them this is not a lie), that item of clothing would do great things for my collection. Hit a girl up REMMI. Okay moving on, "Awake, Asleep" is a cut off her New America EP, and we're loving the haunted indie pop vibes here. Her vocals are straight bliss, echoing in and out over some piano-laced production. Of course there are also great synths present, and they punch up the chorus beautifully. Takes it from pleasant indie jam to a properly structured pop song. Basically I love it and it will probably soundtrack the next 3 months. Also shout-out to the line "Are we awake / Are we asleep," which perfectly describes everyone before they've had coffee. I swear I need caffeine to breathe properly. Psyched to hear what REMMI gets up to in 2016.

Aaron Smith - Dancin (Krono Remix)

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My bad but this remix is 3 years old. As the new year approaches, we must take a look back at the amazing music and the bad decisions that led us to this point. Also, I ran out of music to blog so I stole this from The Sound You Need's Youtube Channel. No offense*** but Aaron Smith's original cut of "Dancin" is nowhere near the caliber of this remix. I'm trying to be less evil in my posts (can't u tell!!?) so I'll stop there, but not before including the top comment on Youtube, which is "WTF, THANKS KRONO THIS SHIT IS TERRIBLE." Which leads me to my next point, people should receive a lot of props when their remix basically creates an entirely new song. The spacey house treatment applied by Krono transforms "Dancin" from Guantanamo torture music into a melancholy slow burner. The synth sounds remind me of Royksopp, and the vocals have been (smartly) pitched down to draw some real soul out. It's fucking beautiful. Well done Krono! Maybe in 2016 I will move to Paris to stalk them. Jkjk.

***which means...OFFENSE

Mr Hudson- Hey You

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Although he looks like the Draco Malfoy of the electronica world, Mr Hudson is actually a big fucking deal. Idk if you've heard of a couple small indie acts like KANYE WEST and CALVIN HARRIS, but homeboy has worked with errybody who is anybody. Aka I will rave about him in the post in the hopes he will love us and I can hang with him and his famous friends. But actually, A-list connections or not, I would rave about "Hey You" until the sun goes down (i guess that's not saying much since it's December and the sun sets at 3:30, but u get the idea). With it's Jon-Bellion-styled autotuned harmonies and addictive drumbeat, this song is a little slice of experimental male pop heaven, y'all! Press play or forever be on our shitlist, right between Katharine Heigl and Gwen Stefani (no cool person keeps their hair died that bleach blonde when they've aged into their forties even if they did front No Doubt way back when.)

FMLYBND - Space And Time

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As it turns out, the members of FMLYBND did not grow and prosper in the same uterus. Which kind of makes me feel there is some misguided marketing going on. But I read an interview where these folks talked about stage name inspiration, and they clarified they are besties who act as each other's family. While that sentiment is a little broadcast sitcom, I cannot agree more. My besties are my ride or die bitches, and I feel comfortable yelling at them like they are my little brother refusing to relinquish the tv remote. Family that do drugs together! Moving on to the important things here, FMLYBND has given us an amazing new jam to take with us into the new year. It's called "Space And Time," and makes me wanna drive around with the top down in summer. It's got a jangly feel-good beat, and is buoyed by catchy male vocals. The synths are twinkly and the guitars are sunshine-y. There's something earthy and otherworldly about it at the same time. Also they remind me of Phoenix a little bit. I'm sorry if that was like a 4th grader describing music. My point is, I love your song and I wish you great success in 2016. Rock on FMLYBND.

Prince Fox- All I Do Is Win (ft. MOONZz)(DJ Khaled Cover)

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Way to capitalize on the DJ Khaled hype, Prince Fox. If I was tech-savvy enough, I would praise you with infinite key emojis. But I'm not, so I won't.

This is some future pop perfection here, folks! I want to rage to this in the year 2120 and trip on a drug that hasn't even been invented yet. Or I can just do a bunch of adderall and hi-jack the playlist at the NYE party I'm going to. That'll probably be my move, honestly. And then I shall take a snapchat of myself DJ-ing and caption it "the key to success" cause black-out-me will think that's fucking hilarious. Sober me will delete said snap from my MyStory 7 hours later. You know, the classic millennial move.

Dreamers - Shooting Shadows

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Yo first I need to say that picture is the coolest. It's like Wes Anderson and the Addams Family mated. When Santa returns in 363 days, I would please like a poster of that. Secondly, Dreamers has been lurking in the Itunes shadows, and I am delighted to have discovered them today. This band makes jangly, perfect, straight-forward rock music. "Shooting Shadows" is the new single, and it sounds like the lovechild of The Strokes and Rooney. *** Or maybe the American spirit animal of the Vaccines? Let's just say, Seth Cohen would have died to see Dreamers in concert. And so would I. In a world (my world, I don't know urs) over saturated with artists who make music with their computers, I love hearing guitars and drums. And the vocals! Nick Wold's voice has pop accessibility with punk edginess. I mean, if "I wanna keep you on a leash" doesn't scream punk, idk what does. Rock on boys! 

***If that's wildly off base for people, plz don't get mad at me. Rock is not in my wheelhouse of netflix & vodka. I know 11 rock songs made after 1990 and half of them are by the Strokes.

Just Kiddin - Only For You

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My kingdom for some house piano! New Year's is right around the corner, and you definitely want to have this song playing when you throw up on the stranger you were trying to face rape at midnight. In fact, it would be a disservice to this band not to. Tequila was born to be chugged with Just Kiddin playing. Drunk girls were destined to tell each other they "love you soooo much, I'm fucking serious." Dominos was meant to be ordered. The cops were meant to break up parties with this as the anthem. Okay maybe scratch that last one, but you get my point. It's a great rave tune. Just Kiddin, a duo from the UK, has crafted "Only For You" using trusty house piano, some pitched down vocals, and a little bit of fairy dust. They remind me of Blonde, another UK pair famous for a couple of European hits last year. Maybe one day they will tour together, and the world will cheer. Until then though, you can catch Just Kiddin on their American Tour this winter!! Go see them at Webster Hall February 19th. We'll be there giving out free molly! #justkiddin I can't even afford weed.

Snoop Dogg - I'm From Long Beach

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Honestly, this might not be good. My taste in rap is questionable at best. But I'm warning you straight up, so don't be mad if you listen and feel like your ears are bleeding. Now that I've said this, I'm telling the world I LOVE this new Snoop Dogg offering. It's called "I'm From Long Beach" and is an ode to Snoopy's hometown of --spoiler alert --Long Beach, California. After conducting some "research," I found out that Long Beach suffers from some of the worst air pollution in the United States. Probably because Snoop Dogg pollutes the entire city with a marijuana smog. But he doesn't sing about that here. Instead, he serenades us with more intimate lyrics about being "born and bred at king park" and "graduating with all Cs." The whole thing is a hot mess of autotune, a loop of creepy backing vocals, and the classic snoop delivery. It's not "Drop It Like It's Hot," but after the Snoop Lion years, we welcome this with open arms.

Jacob Banks - Grace

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Imagine the captivating voice of a 60s male soul singer. Not dissimilar to Bill Withers. Now imagine that voice mashed up with the production of James Blake. BAM. Welcome to your new favorite person, Jacob Banks. That description is mostly for shock value, but I don't think it's totally off. In "Grace," my fav track off Banks' debut Paradox***, he has combined the throwback soul of yesteryear with the sleekest production around. It's really a thing to marvel at. I mean, this guy reduced me to a teary mess with his cover of "Say Something," and that song is probably #2 on my hit list (after John Legend's 'All of Me," a song I would like to take out back and murder Old Yeller style. I have no explanation for why and I'm not sorry). With this much musical charisma, it is no shocker that he's British. 50 bucks that JB is nominated for a Mercury Prize within 5 years. Mark my words y'all.

***the release has 8 tracks on it. Is this an LP or an EP? I need the experts to weight in here. If u work at Pitchfork pls help me.

Paperwhite - Get Away

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I'm starting a Twitter campaign to make "Get Away" the official song of Sandals resort. Or Airbnb. At the very least a Go Pro commercial. Alright I'm not going to do that, but I really feel there should be a montage of beautiful beach landscapes and people jumping into waterfalls set to this song. I mean the lyrics are perfect. Consider the following: "Don't you wanna run / Don't you wanna fly / Don't you wanna get away." If that doesn't scream Mexican tourism I don't know what does. But for real, this song is beautiful. Kate Marshall has a rich, melodic tone perfectly suited to the indie pop genre. Her voice  bounces around and echoes in just the right points throughout the track. The twinkly synths are perfect, and the faint backing vocals up the production game ten-fold. I feel like a feather floating around a tropical island when I listen to this, and I'm not sure what more you could want from a song. Paperwhite will be playing the Knitting Factory on January 10th, make it your New Years resolution to go!! You and I both know you aren't going to the gym.

SACHI - No More (ft. Zoe & SYSYI)

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SACHI is here to give you the Xmas gift of trap music. One of the three wise men gave that you know. And for good reason. "No More," the first single from forthcoming EP Lunch With Bianca, is delightful from start to finish. The creators are 17 year old Kiwi boys, and they are a lot cooler than you. Straight up, they're taking math tests by day and playing dance music in clubs by night. Let me give you some perspective. When I was 17, I spent my free time trying to figure out how much Red Bull a person could drink in one sitting. I was a young #innovator. Anyways, I would describe SACHI's sound as fluffy and sugary trap. When I want to describe electronic music with food adjectives that's usually a pretty good sign. Another great sign would be the presence of the #chipmunk production, aka pitched up & spliced up vocals. Or Zoe was fed helium in the womb. Who's to say. Either way, I'm digging the singing here. SYSCI, I'm not sure what you did, but I appreciate it as well. Rock on guys. I will buy you beer if you come to NYC.

ASTR - Bleeding Love

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Regardless of how amazing we claim a band's music is, I still believe the greatest compliment to give is wanting to hang out with them. Johnny Depp is an iconic and talented actor. Do I want to hang out with him? Fuck no. Not since he did so many Tim Burton movies he basically became one. J Law on the other hand? With the rest of America, I would like to sign up to be her bestie. We could prank call Josh Hutcherson and blackout with Amy Schumer. I could even accompany her to the Oscars, where we would eat burgers and ridicule Jessica Biel for being there. I'm sorry I'm getting side-tracked. The point of this tangent is to say that ASTR seems cool as fuck and I want to hang out with them. From one interview I learned the following things: they like sour gummy candy. So do I. They like podcasts. I too enjoy This American Life and Terry Gross. Do you guys want to be my friend? Then you can listen to me rave about "Bleeding Love," the absolute banger off their EP Homecoming. In this track, Zoe possesses a voice reminiscent of early 2000s pop (the best kind of pop), but without the annoying sugary vocals that often comes with that territory. In fact, it's kind of growl-y. I love. Plus, Adam has provided back worthy of Britney. That big build-up to the chorus is everything. A+++.

Bob Moses - Tearing Me Up

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Listeners, you must have the patience of the Dalai Lama to fully appreciate this song. Why? Well it takes one minute and 40 seconds for any words to be sung. In the land of A.D.D, that's basically a whole episode of Seinfeld. But you should think of this instrumental opening as musical stretching, because when we finally set off on our jog, it's a delightful treat. Bob Moses has crafted a real slow burner here. Their guitar loop is addictive, and the vocals are ominous in the best way. I want this song to soundtrack a noir movie, specifically a sequence where the rogue but also brilliant P.I drives around his seedy town looking for suspects. Paging David Lynch. I have some final words: I think it's easy to overlook due to it's laid back nature, but this song is also very catchy. Makes me think of (and also miss) LCD Soundsystem. When someone great is gone am I right? Well Bob Moses is here to ease the pain. Merry Christmas u filthy animals.

Matoma- Running Out (ft. Astrid S)

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Ugh, Matoma is one of those types of people I hate that I'm drawn to. Like 2015-Justin-Bieber. Or short guys. I feel like, being out of college, I can't be into the DJ world anymore and yet this song ROCKS, y'all! Pure progressive house perfection. Matoma always chooses the perfect chica to front his tracks and Astrid S is no different. Her siren-esque vocals weave throughout the Norwegian native's tropical synth hits and jivey percussion with all the grace of Kweeeeen Kate Middleton herself. (i know, i know, she's not technically a queen. But I couldn't type the phrase "Duchess of Cambridge" without sounding pretentious AF. Kind of like how I feel every time I have to use the term "drop" to indicate an album release—srsly, my soul dies a little bit every time I have to call upon that idiotic idiom.)

INTERVIEW: Satellite Mode

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Congrats Satellite Mode! Together we have increased your digital footprint to that of a pre-mature baby. Mazel! We met up with these bitches (a term we use lovingly, like in prison) for boozy brunch yesterday, and no lie they were the shit. Though Alex Marko and Jess Carvo of Satellite Mode have just two songs, they are fast gaining traction on the indie music scene. Their newest track "Aphrodite" dropped today, and we got a chance to talk about the inspiration behind it as well as their creative process. We also found out Alex used to live with our landlord, and discussed hard-hitting issues such as the underrated hotness of Aziz Ansari, trendy toddler clothes, and puppy-sized elephants.

T4L: We know you guys are a new band (the duo dropped their first track, Wild Excuses, last month). Is this the first musical act you've been apart of or have there been past projects?
Alex Marko: Jess is probably a little more impressive than me so I'll go first so she doesn't steal my thunder.
Jess Carvo: Can you record my eyeroll?
AM: What basically got me into the music thing was that I was classically trained in piano and I was like "this is not really fun." Then 4th grade came and they let you pick an instrument. I chose saxophone and that changed my life. I started listening to jazz and doing musical improvization. Later on, I was in a couple bands, one big one was called The Day Life. We opened for some cooler people: Ben Kweller, Matt Nathanson. The band was kind of Beatles-esque rock. A lot of harmonies. Then I graduated college and I really wanted to pursue music as my thing. Working with Jess has been great because we're both just very driven.
JC: I was very much a singer. I did classical training—

We were then interrupted by the waitstaff (#rude). However, we quickly forgave
their interruption as they set down FREE CHURROS in front of us. Idk,
if you've ever experienced the elation of receiving complimentary churros, but it's 

basically the best thing that can happen to a hungover 23-year-old.

JC: Yeah, so, I dabbled in instruments and stuff as a kid, but I decided to focus just on singing so I did a lot of choral, jazz ensembles, classical stuff. I went to school and ended up being in an a capella group where I learned how to arrange music. A lot of singers don't get the chance to do that, so that kind of changed everything for me. I started thinking about production and mixing, and actually at that point I also ended up having voice problems. I started to teach myself instruments because I was really afraid of not being able to sing and write anymore. But I ended up getting surgery and a little later my a capella group got on the Sing-Off with the Pentatonix*. So we were on the show with them and then after than I started learning how to plug instruments in because I had never done that and now, here we are I guess.

*SO many regrets about not asking for more details on the reality-television 
experience. Was she forced to say cheesy scripted lines and pass them off as her own 
thoughts? Is Nick Lachey as unnervingly shiny in real life as he looks in all his pictures? 
Did you ever meet the EP of the show, Mark Burnett, and can you ask him to put me on 
Survivor please?

T4L: That's interesting that you guys are both classically trained but gravitate towards this different kind of sound.
JC: I think we're both into the freedom of expression. I know that kind of sounds cliché, but there's just a lot of rules [when taking the classical route] that I was never attracted to.
AM: Both being classically trained definitely helps. Working with Jess in the studio is great because we can talk about different chord changes and things like that and she's also such a great partner in songwriting. Jess and I truly collaborate and I think that's really special. It's not just the melody and the lyrics, it's the production too. Even though Jess is a really amazing singer, she has a production ear, and even though I'm the production guy, I have an ear for melody. It's really cool to just have that other opinion when songwriting so I think that kind of elevates our songs.

T4L: So you guys met at a BMI showcase. How quickly after you met did you start working of music together?
AM: We started pretty quickly but it wasn't serious. We were both working on different projects and were content with what we were doing. After about 6 months, pretty much at the same time, we had tragic things happen to us respectively and we used this project as a solace for that. We had this strange connection to each other, musically. The initial idea before this time was to shop our music around, but then we started writing this music that was too personal to us. We were like this sound isn't anyone else's, it's ours.

T4L: How did you come up with the stage name?
AM: The band name came from our writing together. During our sessions we just wanted to shut out the outside world to tune into what was true, so we always put our phones on airplane mode. We'd kind of giggle with each other like "Gotta go on airplane mode." and we'd start writing and the at one point we were like "Oh! That should be our band name." And that's it, that's sort of how we became a band, right?
JC: Yeah, we'll you g-chatted me originally. (G-Chat: The Hinge for Musical Artists)
AM: Oh yeah, I didn't even e-mail. Your away message was off, so...
JC: So, yeah you g-chatted me. And I was just online and home recovering from hip-surgery because I'm like 75. And I was really excited because I actually had been looking to do something like that and expand so I just responded and was like "Yeah! I'll hobble over to you! When?"

T4L: We wanna ask you about your cover art. There seems to be a fruit theme. Can we ask about that? What is the inspiration?
JC: It wasn't that well thought out, but I just know Alex had this idea—and I was like "That sounds cool."
AM: One of the ideas we came up with was putting headphones in watermelon, because we thought it would be a cool visual thing. So we did that in a photoshoot, and then it turned out really well...and we thought screw it, let's just stick with fruit. And we just went with it, because it's fun.
JC: And it doesn't cost us any money.
AM: And you can eat it afterwards!

T4L: And it's nutritious and promoting a healthy message.
AM: And it's really easy to do, and it's nothing really deeper than we picked up and just rolled with it.

T4L: The song you're releasing tomorrow, what's the fruit on it?
AM: It's oranges and limes—headphones coming out of an orange.

T4L: What was the writing process like behind the song (Aphrodite)? Where does it come from?
JC: It was the most fun one to write, I would say.
AM: It happened in like 20 minutes. I was in the studio and Jess came over—it happened super naturally. We wrote the words together. It's about maturing in the different relationships over your life. Kind of like how in high school you have a different type of relationship than when you're in college, or in New York. And how when you find the person, the ways in which your life develops [with them] and how you change too. It's kind of like a timeline almost.

T4L: We want to ask about live performing—have you done any shows yet as Satellite Mode?
AM: Not yet. We've played some acoustic shows just to see the reception of the songs. And that's gone really well. The cool thing about our music is that it isn't just [living as] electronic music. When you play it acoustic it works too. We're starting to tinker with that a little and see what that sounds like. We haven't played yet as a full band, but we're talking to some cool people. Stay tuned right?

T4L: Would it just be the two of you?
AM: It's probably going to be the two of us and a drummer. But who knows. By the time we play maybe we'll have a bassist or a guitarist. Just trying to keep it small.
JC: Maybe we'll add a clown.

T4L: A clown can be part of your brand. Fruit and clowns. Do you get stage fright at all when performing?
AM: I get nervous sometimes but if you don't get nervous you don't care about something, you know?
JC: For me it depends. If it's like a new thing—a new instrument or a new song, I get really quiet and I can't talk to anyone beforehand. I've kind of gotten over that. I feel bad, because people have come out to a show and I feel like I should be talking to them and saying hi, but it makes me anxious. I guess that's stage fright. Just not being in the space to show people how happy I am that they're there. I feel like I'd rather lock myself in the green room. Like a weirdo.

T4L: So maybe [your anxiety comes] not even from the performing itself, but the inbetween stuff?
JC: Yeah definitely. Once it gets started, I'm like alright. It's just the right before.
AM: That's true.
JC: When I'm trying something new for the first time.

T4L: Time for a couple random questions. If you were stuck on a desert island with one other musician, who would it be?
AM: Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day.
JC: Bruce Springsteen.

(That was a trick question, guys, you were supposed to say each other! #jk #Bruceorbust)

T4L: What are you obsessed with right now? What are you listening to?
AM: I like Miike Snow. The new Bieber stuff is great. You can't hate on him! It doesn't get much better than him right now.
JC: I'm starting to like him.

T4L: Anything else?
AM: My favorite song right now is called "How We Be" by Sin Kane. It's a really good walking song. Tei Shi. The Zombies "This Will Be Our Year."
JC: Bieber. I just discovered the full album and I'm obsessed. I'm excited for the new Sia album to come out. I've gotten back into Feist 2007.

We then wandered onto the topic of Star Wars, which I'm pretty sure was the case for 
98% of Sunday brunches this weekend. For real, people care more about Star Wars than 
they do about the election #help. 

AM: I'm not going to say anything about it, but you really have to see it. I'm seeing it again Wednesday.

T4L: Real commitment.
AM: Trust me, you're going to want to see it again too.

There is 4 minutes of us rambling about our deep love of Amy Pohler and Tina 
Fey, spurred on by our discussion of their latest movie Sisters. (Which we loved 
by the way. Bobby Moynihan is legend) Which led us to discussion of Parks and 
Rec. Which led us to...

T4L: Favorite TV that you've been watching?
AM: Parks and Rec. I haven't finished it yet!
JC: Master of None. (Satellite Mode = Aziz groupies.)

JC: I wish he was single. I love him.
AM: You know people say I look like Aziz.
JC: Cool story.
AM: Just saying.
JC: Have you guys seen The Leftovers? It's amazing. But I skipped the first season. I only watched the second.

T4L: Anything else?
AM: I like World War 2 documentaries. And House of Cards.

We started raving about Downton Abbey, and Alex thought it was about monks. lol

T4L: You kind of alluded to this earlier, but we're curious: in your music, does most of the stuff come from an autobiographical place or is it kind of just a theme you get attached to or a concept you want to explore?
JC: I think it became both. I think a lot of it is subconscious. A lot of it is things that were just coming out. Things that you shouldn't say, things that you want to say.
AM: I think the biggest thing for us is truth. It's honesty. We're just trying to be truthful and honest about how we feel, whether it's autobiographical or something someone we know is dealing with. It is a combo.  It's not non-fiction, but it's not Harry Potter.
JC: I think a lot of times it feels like an answer is found through the writing process. One thing we do try to to do is not have too much cliché language. One thing that's easy to do in this genre is get caught up in a lot of that and we try not to.

T4L: Mundane question, but where do you guys write?
AM: Usually my apartment. We write and record in my apartment. I have a tiny-ass bedroom, but in there is a keyboard, computers, guitars. That's literally all you need these days. I have a good mic, and that's it really.

We then were treated to the most entertaining anecdote of the afternoon. Long story short, 
Alex's ideal fashion style is to dress like a high-end Soho infant. So if you own that 
toddler clothing shop on Houston and see a guy who kind of looks like Aziz walks in, just 
be warned he is not on there to buy clothes for his niece. If he says that, it is a lie and he 
is looking to purchase that brontosaurus shirt for his own use. 

T4L: Have you gotten any feedback through social media or elsewhere regarding your first track (Wild Excuses)?
AM: Yeah, definitely. People have been really receptive, sending us SoundCloud messages, Instagram messages. It's been nice to connect with people all over the world about your music. I feel really lucky to be musicians in this time. A lot of people are like "It's impossible to make a buck" but, no, you have the world at your fingertips now. If the music is good, it will grow a fanbase, if it's not, you'll probably still grow a fan base if you work hard.
JC: I just think it's like any work someone does. It's about integrity and how passionate you are about it. If it speaks to people, then it will work. You just have to have faith.
AM: Also, we're in our little nugget of reality. We have our "studio" and we never pushed our stuff out to anybody yet. So when the first song was well received, it was cool for us to be like "people really like it!" And we're gonna keep working hard because it makes people feel good. If we can make as many people as we can feel good through our music, that's amazing.

Then we left and got ice cream. (Because what else would you do after a full Mexican 
brunch in December?) But we couldn't leave Rosie's without conducting a thought-
provoking segment of "Would You Rather" first: 


Would you rather...

Wear oven mitts for a year or ski boot?
Both chose ski boots.

Own an elephant-sized puppy or puppy-sized elephant?
In an ideal world, elephant-sized puppy. But given the size of apartments in
New York, puppy-sized elephant.

A head the size of a tennis ball or the size of a watermelon?
Watermelons! (Because who doesn't dream of looking like Hey Arnold?)

Never listen to Christmas music again or only listen to only listen to Christmas music?
Never again. (Fucking duh.)

Live in the house of your dreams but it doesn't have internet, or live where you are forever? 
Where you are FOREVER. (#WifiORdieeeee)

Would you rather be the famous author of Twilight or the famous author of 
every Nickelback song?
(immediately) Twilight.

Misun- Give It Up

12/17/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This cover art is EVERYTHING. It looks like a page from a comic book about superheroes who go to Woodstock (a comic I could definitely get behind by the way... #whaddupMarvel?) Our protagonists would face fearsome tasks, like trying to get through their brutal MDMA come-down or attempting to navigating their way through a mob of drunk 18-year-olds. This cover art is so distracting I haven't even mentioned Misun's new song, which is pure experimental-pop heaven. Everything from the futuristic synth to that simplistic, yet bumping, drumbeat swirl together under Wojcik's ever-infectious warblings. Here's an example of how to successfully use acoustic guitar in electronic music, folks! Take note Avicii. You can do all the guitar-guided tracks you want, but I'll take this chill jam over your cliche bangers any day of the week #srynotsry.

Katy B x Four Tet x Floating Points - Calm Down

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Ugh, that's a lot of names in that title. I feel like with this many collaborators, just call it a day and form a super-group. But who knows, maybe Four Tet has a hugeeee ego and needed his name smack-dab- in-the-middle of that album artwork. SPREAD IT. Jk jk, I'm just trolling. It's kind of fun, you should all try it sometime. Anyways, when I saw "Calm Down" and the roster involved, my head almost exploded with excitement. Why, you may ask? Well I've never heard of Floating Points (which frankly sounds like a location in Super Mario World but whatever), but Four Tet and Katy B are treasures of electronic music. Especially Katy B. I'm pretty sure people worship this bitch in Europe, but sadly she has yet to become a big deal in America. Maybe this will change in 2016, when she releases her third album Honey. This is the single, and it possesses everything great. Some soothing percussion, sultry vocals, and a funky "bloooop" beat running through the whole thing. The Princess of Ibiza y'all. Look up her song "5AM" and listen to it forever.

RKCB - Lights Low

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Merry Christmas to us. RKCB is back with a new jam, and it is serving excellent slow-jam realness. Not that we would expect anything less; their music is always very sexy. I'm just saying, when I listen to RKCB I will swipe right to even the most-troll like folks of Tinder. Verne Troyer get at me. Anywayyyysss, "Lights Low" is not only smooth AF, it is also interesting from a story-telling perspective. Consider the lyrics: "You only want me when the lights low / Now that you're drinking will you say you need me? / You only touch me with the door closed." Who cannot relate to this!? (And if you can't, GTFO. You're probably a vegan too). It's a classic tale: someone only being into you past 2am. Tbt to every day of college, when the blackout men of the bar thought I was Blake Lively. The joke was on them in the daylight hours when I instead resembled Bellatrix Lestrange. Although to be fair, haven't we all been on the other side too? I definitely went home with Frodo more than once. I digress. The point is, RKCB sings about real things, people! Go out and get their EP Short Films, we've blogged legit half of it. T4L stamp of approval.

Lostboycrow- Love Won't Sleep

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Ugh, part of me wants to throw some serious shade at LBC. But I think that's just because I hate that even though he is a boy, he can hit notes higher than my falsetto could ever dream of reaching. And he has prettier hair. It's so long and voluminous, he's like IRL Jon Snow. Whereas I, unfortunately, fall somewhere between IRL Brienne of Tarth and IRL Olenna Tyrell -____-. Sry, can you tell I'm just the teeny, tiniest bit eager for GoT to get da fuq back on television?? Veering back to the point of this post, "Love Won't Sleep" is an infectious little slice of R&B-laced pop perfection. The track enables LBC to showcase both his velvety-smooth voice and his innovative production skills. The beginning really highlights his honeyed-yet-darkly-emotive vocals. They float effortlessly over a slow-building backbeat that completely evolves at the chorus into an explosion of ambient synth hits and jittery percussion. And I haven't even mentioned the amazing male-on-male harmonies happening here, y'allll! Those layered vocals are so warm and inticate, I bet Brian Wilson would have some serious wet dreams about them. I mean, not like 1980's Brian Wilson, considering he would have been too drugged to even realize he was listening to music, but 1960's Brian Wilson would definitely be into this.

Quinn XCII- Another Day in Paradise (prod. by ayokay)

12/14/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Damn. This song has dreamy vibes for dayyyyys. Quinn XCII and ayokay first captured our hearts with their melodic "Stung" and now they've given us an early x-mas gift in the form of this infectious little ditty. I haven't seen a pair work this well together since Amy and Tina hosted the Golden Globes (referring to all three times here, folks. Those comedic besties absolutely slay the whole live-televised-event thang. Can they please just host everything? I would pay an absurd amount of money to watch them run the commentary during Thursday Night Football. Maybe then I would start to give a fuck about America's favorite sport #srynotsry).

With every play of this track my affection for it grows more and more. I love the combination of the brassy horns and Quinn XCII's poppy vocals here. He kind of sounds like K'naan, but I think I may only be making that comparison because both K'naan and Quinn XCII seem like they'd be suuuuuper fun to smoke a J with. But what really propels me into #hipsterheaven while listening to this track are those warped female vocals flitting in and out. They kind of sound like those singing flowers from Alice in Wonderland? Maybe that's a simile taken too far, but basically all I'm trying to say is that Lewis Carroll would be vibin' hard to this track.

Dropout - You Always Win

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Dropout are a trio hailing from Santa Barbara, California. Being an East Coaster, I wasn't aware that Santa Barbara was home to anything other than Michael Jackson and the traumas he left in his wake. But there you have it. "You Always Win" is the latest and greatest from these boys, and it will brighten your day with it's infectious electro vibes. There are chipmunk vocals and a steady build, topped off with a womp-y drop. Lyrically, it tells the tale of every whipped boyfriend in the land. Exhibit A: "When did I lose my fight / That scares me / ....Why do you always win?" Honestly, if there is a music video in the works, I would like to suggest a montage of couples doing lots of girly things, with a subsequent zoom in on the boy's defeated face. Like, let's pan in on Dennis & Shirley watching the Bachelor. Or Todd & Amanda at Soul Cycle. Greg & Melinda at the new rom-com starring Katherine Heigl! You get the picture. I will be trolling Youtube for this video guys.

Donna Missal - Hotline Bling (Drake Cover)

12/14/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

The stellar covers continue this week. First, the universe gave us Brika's Sorry, and now this. Press play and listen to this girl slaughter Drake's Hotline Bling. I had never heard of Donna Missal until now, but from here on I vow to stalk her all over the nation. For starters she has a technically flawless voice. Simon Cowell would probably drool on the floor Terri Schiavo style if Donna opened her mouth in his presence. Secondly, there's a rawness to this cover that I rarely hear. It's the kind of thing where a singer opens their mouth and it's so emotional u feel like your minuscule soul is being crushed. Kind of like when the Grinch Who Stole Christmas' heart thaws out.*** Examples of these artists include Amy Winehouse, Janis, & Otis Redding. And fucking Donna Missal you guys. Idk, maybe I am being Buzzfeed hyperbolic, but listen to that final screamy chorus and tell me you aren't a die-hard convert of Hotline Bling. I know you loved it when Donald Trump was flailing around to it on SNL, but this takes it to new heights! Ah Drizzy, always being bested by soulful ladies. And Serena Williams.

**I guess I am the Grinch in the metaphor. If my reaction to the Christmas music in Bloomingdale's yesterday is any gauge, I would say this is spot on.

Brika- Sorry (Justin Bieber Cover)

12/08/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Ah, the two things I'm the most attracted to after 4 glasses of wine: pizza and fuckboys. I assume that dude in the promo pic is a fuckboy because of Sharpie treatment given to his face. (You don't get a Revenge-style "X" covering your head for treating your gf with respect and agreeing to binge-watch Real Housewives with her, yah know? You get it for being a dick and a half. I mean, that's just, like, the rules of feminism*.)

But lets veer away from my drunk alter-ego's forbidden loves and start talking about the fact that Brika absolutely slaaaaaaaaays this J.Biebs cover. Whether you're IRL Crazy Carrie off your meds, or you just need something to listen to while you choke down that gin martini you're only drinking to look cool, Brika's jazz-y and soulful revamping of "Sorry" is the tune for you. Sure this cover won't soundtrack a YouTube video that makes Single Ladies look like my 5-yr-old cousins' dance recital, but not every song has to be a banger. The emotional piano and intricate layering of Brika's husky vocals blend together to make this version just as infectious as the original. Just maybe don't play it at your SantaCon pregame... you will probably have a very drunk (but very festive!) mob after you.

*if you got that Mean Girls reference right away, I think we just became best friends. Ur officially the crack rock to my LiLo <3

Steve James- Reinaissance (ft. Clairity)

12/07/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

This girl sounds like a less annoying Regina Spector. Or like underwater Cher, maybe? Either way, our ears are digging u mucho, Clairity. Also I didn't even think this song was going to drop and then all of a sudden it does and there's.......... harmonica? So baffling but so appreciated. (But mostly baffling. It makes me want to take fireball shots and sing the blues simultaneously. Two very contradictory cravings.)

The Palms - Push Off

12/05/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Two of these dudes used to play in Terraplane Sun, a disbanded alt-pop group pretty famous for a Chilli's commercial. The Palms is a semi-reincarnation of that sound, only with a cooler website and very hot promo pics. I have to say I'm chugging the Kool-Aid like it's the annual Christmas party at Jonestown. They exude the same kind of attitude as Arctic Monkeys or the 1975***, and if any interviews of them existed, I would spend at least 2 hours watching on YouTube. And stalking them on Instagram. Not to mention the actual music: "Push Off" rules. A great slow-burning poprock(s) jam. Ben Rothbard's compelling voice (reminds me of Jake Bugg a little bit), casually delivers menacing lyrics for 4 minutes, accompanied only by light guitar and drums. Seth Cohen would be all over this shit. We are.

***or at this point, Harry Styles. Let's be honest. #miniMickJagger

Chairlift - Romeo

12/05/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Sound the indie alarm, Chairlift is back with a new album next month. Their 3rd full length Moth comes out 1/22, and will be the only thing keeping me alive in my unheated apartment. So thanks in advance guys. But until that magical sub-zero day, we will have to hold ourselves over with a couple of singles. The new one is called "Romeo" (the first one being "Ch-Ching," it's not the M.I.A banger you would expect from the title but it definitely doesn't disappoint), and it's verrrryyyy addictive. It includes the same icy vocals and bouncy production we have to come to expect from Chairlift, but cranks the pace up to straight-up manic. I feel like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch when I listen to this.*** Just some A+ alternative pop music. Imogen Heap is probably cowering in fear that she's been beat at her own game. And I love Imogen Heap as much as bored housewives love Chardonnay, so obviously I'm delighted. 

 ***Is this too dated a reference? We are 1 daughter and a Scientology battle away from this moment, so I'm not sure. Plz advise.


12/04/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

We would like to introduce T4L's first interview of 2015 by apologizing to Micky Blue. She probably forgot she even did this we recorded it so long ago (30 days. #notsry we just woke up from our Thanksgiving food comas). But we promise the wait is worth it! Homegirl was the shit. She gave us amazing club recommendations and wise advice on fuckboys. Plus she left us with this gem of a sound byte: "Have a lot of casual sex... but use protection" (thnx mom).

T4L: How did you come up with your stage name?
MB: It was actually my dad's nickname growing up. I just kind of adopted it in kind of a non-intentionally feminist way; I just feel like, all these guys take the prefix "Jr." and inherit the family name, and I wanted to do that.

T4L: To throw it way back, can you describe when you figured out wanting to be a musician?
MB: I was always singing. (Also when a waiter comes by, would love to order some wine).

At this point in the interview, we discussed our mutual love of red wine, and the drawbacks that come with drinking it (looking like series regulars on True Blood is not a good look for going out). Then we stopped derailing our convo and got back to the topic at hand...

T4L: So you have always been musical.
MB: I didn't talk until I was 4 years old. I had a lot of what society calls learning disabilities, but I was excelling at patterns and music. Other things, like speaking properly, developed at a slower pace.

T4L: I feel like that's a common thing with musicians, having learning disabilities but being drawn to art. Do you think that's a common thing with other artists you hang out and interact with?
MB: Oh yeah, lots of creative people I know had ADD or dyslexia.

Then we got up and got alcohol, because it was Wednesday. Our awkward interaction with the waitress who claimed she wasn't one was fully captured on audio.

T4L: How long did it take you to write your EP, Wild Things?
MB: We (MB & producer friend Joren) wrote everything really quickly, we wrote all of it and did the production over a 6 week span last summer (2014). I went for 2 weeks to Amsterdam and lived with him. We recorded for 10 hours a day for 2 weeks straight. It was crazy! And I got so sick right before I went. I had laryngitis.

T4L: So you're just like, snorting Emergen-C. Hoping and praying.
MB: I was taking everything I could. The doctors would not give me steroids. I was like, please give me the drugs! For this one time, can I have a mild steroid so I can do my job. And then the night before I left, I got food poisoning. Thank god I got traveler's insurance. I am so glad, because I could not get on the plane. I couldn't even get out bed.
T4L: We never get shit like that -- now we're going to.

Then we found out she had Lyme's Disease!! From a tick bite to the face. Micky cannot catch a break.

T4L: Ok so, place you would die if you got to play?
MB: Japan! So many places. I just want to be able to travel, and meet all these amazing people all over the world. I really want to do that.

T4L: What's your favorite show you've seen this year?
MB: I saw Fleetwood Mac, and I died. I saw them in Florida. Best show I've ever seen. They are all at least 60, and they killed it. All their songs were still so amazing and felt relevant. My sister and I were freaking out the whole time.

T4L: Favorite Fleetwood Mac song?
MB: oh I kind of like that one **sings bars of "Go Your Own Way"**

We freak out and discuss how 2 glasses of wine more and we're going treat her like a human jukebox.

Then we find out Micky has attended DJ school, and her crowning achievement was: Go Your Own Way mashed up with B. Spears Till the World Ends. We DEMAND you release this Micky!!

T4L: Omg we can totally see that.
MB: They totally go together. I don't know, I was probably the only one jamming to it in my class, but I was like, this is the bomb.

T4L: Music idols?
MB: Stevie Nicks. I got into her in college.

T4L: When you were a kid, what were you into musically?
MB: I loved the Spice Girls. But I was so young—you know I loved the music, but I really didn't get into pop music until the end of high school. I grew up on Joni Mitchell, from my mom's era. With my dad it was only mo-town, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald. A lot of jazz. I had a jazz band for a while actually. And an alternative rock band, you know, trying to be Paramore. Went through that phase. I've kind of done it all. Finally finding myself now—it just kind of took awhile.

We then talked about our mutual love of TV shows...for a looooong time. We discussed British reality television and how it's better than American reality. And then had a lengthy debate surrounding the death, or lack thereof, of Jon Snow. Homegirl's TV-knowledge is #onfleek—aka vast but also extremely comparable to our own).

T4L: *22 minutes later* Ok, so, while we're on the topic. Favorite TV show?
MB: Oh my god I watch way too much TV. It's so hard because I'm working from home all the time, I could have the TV on while I'm blasting out emails. HBO Shows: love Girls, Game of Thrones. I totally dyed my hair to look like Khaleesi. (For the record, her hair was Khaleesi blonde). Every time I get it re-dyed, it's straight up silver. ... I was her for Halloween 2 years ago. My friends were my dragons. We made our own costumes. We went a little insane:

At this point, we went off track for 15 minutes talking about coconut oil. Since none of you are John Freida I will not include this information.

T4L: If you had to be stranded on a desert island with one musician, who would it be? Not even who you admire the most, just who you think would be fun to hang out with, and whose music you would wanna be serenaded by for the rest of your life.
MB: I'm just going to pull a John Mayer. He'd be perfect on a desert island. He's going to look really sexy on a beach. He's just gonna play guitar and sing and it will sound perfect.

T4L: You're going to be like "omg we're stranded here" and he's going to be like "It's fine babe, I'm here to play Why Georgia forever"
MB: So yeah, John Mayer.

We then ordered more drinks. The audio again implies it was awkward and the waitress was not feeling us. God forbid we ask you for wine at a wine bar.

T4L: Is your writing process more solitary or is it collaborative?
MB: It's so different every time. For my own stuff, I usually come up with a title or concept that I love, and I brew over that a lot. Sometimes I'll start an idea and bring it to a producer, working off voice notes on my phone. Sometimes I'll write by myself, but I don't know any artist that writes by themselves start to finish and has it be a number #1 hit. I really prefer collaborating.

T4L: Would you say it's lyrics first, and then melody?
MB: It's so intertwined. For me it's always together.

T4L: If you got the opportunity to write music for other people, is it more important to you to be a performer or a writer?
MB: I think both. I mean, I've been performing my whole life. I was always singing, I was performing and I would like to always be performing in some capacity. But I also want to write for other people as well. I wrote this song called "Ho" with my friends, and it's kind of like a Meghan Trainor sounding thing. Would that ever be a style of music that speaks to me? No, but it's really fun and it's another outlet. It's less of a "this is my story that I need to tell you" and is more like "what kind of feeling do I want to convey? What do I want to make people feel?" And it's really fun to write that way. Like, I love the sassy voice in that song, "Ho." I mean, that's not like my personality to be like "Oh she's a hoooooO!" but it's fun to put yourself in that character and be someone else for a song. It's not the story I want to tell for me, but I know some people ROCK that.

At this point we reached the 2 hour mark and concluded to never again conduct an interview in a wine bar with loud pretentious jazz music. Never have I ever felt so connected to Crazy Carrie from Homeland.

T4L: Speaking of crazy, "Champagne Reign" sounds like you've seen your fair share of wild days.
MB: (laughs) Yeah, and it was also just kind of an overall vibe I was going for: a song about those girls who don't believe in themselves enough. I'd go out so many nights and see this one dude who owns the VIP table, paying for everything. And then there's just these girls who are fawning all over him to get free drinks but also just to be seen at the hottest clubs in New York. So "Champagne Reign" is kind of about me witnessing all these girls and feeling sorry for them. But also, for me, it's a lot about the girls in the music industry. Like the champagne reigns over them and rules their world. And they let the men hold the champagne bottle. They don't care what it takes to get to the top. Like, I may never get to the top, but at least I'm pouring my own damn champagne.

T4L: Hell yaaaaas. Ok, favorite venue to play in NYC?
MB: I'm really loving Pianos, they've been really good to me.

T4L: In terms of performing, do you ever get stage fright?
MB: Oh, totally. Every single show. I think it's something about people paying to come see you. I just never want to disappoint people and I want people to feel something. I'm always like, "If I'm not the best I can possibly be tonight, the audience isn't going to feel something and they're going to feel like the show was a waste of time". And I hate going to shows where I feel like I've wasted my time.

T4L: So it's partially a connection thing?
MB: Yeah, exactly. Like when I'm sad and I listen to sad music, it's not that I want to feel sadder, it's like music therapy. It's more that when you're sad, you're brain wants to hear those sad tones, those major and minor chords. It triggers certain brain activity and it almost makes you feel better. Connecting those feelings and emotions to what you're listening to, afterwards, feels very therapeutic.

I just really want people to feel something. Even if they totally hate my music, hate my face, hate everything that I'm about, at least they felt something. I'd rather have them feel that I'm not for them and have them find what is. I mean, I don't want to hear about their hate, but I want them to feel their feelings and do their own thing.


T4L: Taylor or Adele?
MB: Adele

T4L: Beatles or Stones?
MB: Beatles

T4L: Biggie or Tupac?
MB: Tupac

T4L: Prince William or Prince Harry?
MB: I would say William

T4L: Friends or Seinfeld?
MB: Oh god, you're killing me. Seinfeld. But I love them both.

T4L: "Hello" or "Sorry"?
(sidenote: this question seemed a lot more relevant in the beginning of November).
MB: Definitely "Hello".

T4L: Kittens or Puppies?
MB: Puppies!!

T4L: Tequila or Whiskey?
Micky: Neither

T4L: What's your drink of choice?
Micky: Dark & Stormy

P.S Everyone listen to Micky's new song "Firebird," included below, and her EP Wild Things, out now. What are u waiting for go!!!