Aaron Smith - Dancin (Krono Remix)

12/31/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

My bad but this remix is 3 years old. As the new year approaches, we must take a look back at the amazing music and the bad decisions that led us to this point. Also, I ran out of music to blog so I stole this from The Sound You Need's Youtube Channel. No offense*** but Aaron Smith's original cut of "Dancin" is nowhere near the caliber of this remix. I'm trying to be less evil in my posts (can't u tell!!?) so I'll stop there, but not before including the top comment on Youtube, which is "WTF, THANKS KRONO THIS SHIT IS TERRIBLE." Which leads me to my next point, people should receive a lot of props when their remix basically creates an entirely new song. The spacey house treatment applied by Krono transforms "Dancin" from Guantanamo torture music into a melancholy slow burner. The synth sounds remind me of Royksopp, and the vocals have been (smartly) pitched down to draw some real soul out. It's fucking beautiful. Well done Krono! Maybe in 2016 I will move to Paris to stalk them. Jkjk.

***which means...OFFENSE