ASTR - Bleeding Love

12/25/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Regardless of how amazing we claim a band's music is, I still believe the greatest compliment to give is wanting to hang out with them. Johnny Depp is an iconic and talented actor. Do I want to hang out with him? Fuck no. Not since he did so many Tim Burton movies he basically became one. J Law on the other hand? With the rest of America, I would like to sign up to be her bestie. We could prank call Josh Hutcherson and blackout with Amy Schumer. I could even accompany her to the Oscars, where we would eat burgers and ridicule Jessica Biel for being there. I'm sorry I'm getting side-tracked. The point of this tangent is to say that ASTR seems cool as fuck and I want to hang out with them. From one interview I learned the following things: they like sour gummy candy. So do I. They like podcasts. I too enjoy This American Life and Terry Gross. Do you guys want to be my friend? Then you can listen to me rave about "Bleeding Love," the absolute banger off their EP Homecoming. In this track, Zoe possesses a voice reminiscent of early 2000s pop (the best kind of pop), but without the annoying sugary vocals that often comes with that territory. In fact, it's kind of growl-y. I love. Plus, Adam has provided back worthy of Britney. That big build-up to the chorus is everything. A+++.