Brika- Sorry (Justin Bieber Cover)

12/08/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Ah, the two things I'm the most attracted to after 4 glasses of wine: pizza and fuckboys. I assume that dude in the promo pic is a fuckboy because of Sharpie treatment given to his face. (You don't get a Revenge-style "X" covering your head for treating your gf with respect and agreeing to binge-watch Real Housewives with her, yah know? You get it for being a dick and a half. I mean, that's just, like, the rules of feminism*.)

But lets veer away from my drunk alter-ego's forbidden loves and start talking about the fact that Brika absolutely slaaaaaaaaays this J.Biebs cover. Whether you're IRL Crazy Carrie off your meds, or you just need something to listen to while you choke down that gin martini you're only drinking to look cool, Brika's jazz-y and soulful revamping of "Sorry" is the tune for you. Sure this cover won't soundtrack a YouTube video that makes Single Ladies look like my 5-yr-old cousins' dance recital, but not every song has to be a banger. The emotional piano and intricate layering of Brika's husky vocals blend together to make this version just as infectious as the original. Just maybe don't play it at your SantaCon pregame... you will probably have a very drunk (but very festive!) mob after you.

*if you got that Mean Girls reference right away, I think we just became best friends. Ur officially the crack rock to my LiLo <3