Chairlift - Romeo

12/05/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Sound the indie alarm, Chairlift is back with a new album next month. Their 3rd full length Moth comes out 1/22, and will be the only thing keeping me alive in my unheated apartment. So thanks in advance guys. But until that magical sub-zero day, we will have to hold ourselves over with a couple of singles. The new one is called "Romeo" (the first one being "Ch-Ching," it's not the M.I.A banger you would expect from the title but it definitely doesn't disappoint), and it's verrrryyyy addictive. It includes the same icy vocals and bouncy production we have to come to expect from Chairlift, but cranks the pace up to straight-up manic. I feel like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch when I listen to this.*** Just some A+ alternative pop music. Imogen Heap is probably cowering in fear that she's been beat at her own game. And I love Imogen Heap as much as bored housewives love Chardonnay, so obviously I'm delighted. 

 ***Is this too dated a reference? We are 1 daughter and a Scientology battle away from this moment, so I'm not sure. Plz advise.