Dreamers - Shooting Shadows

12/28/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Yo first I need to say that picture is the coolest. It's like Wes Anderson and the Addams Family mated. When Santa returns in 363 days, I would please like a poster of that. Secondly, Dreamers has been lurking in the Itunes shadows, and I am delighted to have discovered them today. This band makes jangly, perfect, straight-forward rock music. "Shooting Shadows" is the new single, and it sounds like the lovechild of The Strokes and Rooney. *** Or maybe the American spirit animal of the Vaccines? Let's just say, Seth Cohen would have died to see Dreamers in concert. And so would I. In a world (my world, I don't know urs) over saturated with artists who make music with their computers, I love hearing guitars and drums. And the vocals! Nick Wold's voice has pop accessibility with punk edginess. I mean, if "I wanna keep you on a leash" doesn't scream punk, idk what does. Rock on boys! 

***If that's wildly off base for people, plz don't get mad at me. Rock is not in my wheelhouse of netflix & vodka. I know 11 rock songs made after 1990 and half of them are by the Strokes.