Dua Lipa - New Love (Original & Jarreau Vandal Remix)

11/30/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This girl has been getting comparisons to Amy Winehouse. When I say "getting comparisons," I mean I read it in one anonymous Youtube comment, but I agree. She's from Londy, and also possesses a rich tone of voice. Check it. I was honestly very tortured over whether to post the original version or the remix that I high-jacked from Majestic Casual. To really give you some insight, this was a Peeta vs. Gale type of decision. On the one hand, Jarreau Vandal is offering us spliced up vocals and wompy synths (Gale). And I'm a moth to a flame for that shit. It's like if you dangled pizza in front of blacked out me. Or sober me. Any conscious version of myself really. But on the other hand, you have the original indie pop version (Peeta). Big drums, held out notes, and a Lana Del Rey-esque music video. There's some harmonies! SOPHIE'S CHOICE YALL. I'm going to give the slight edge to the original, because even though Peeta is midget and kind of a loser, he loves you, you can boss him around, and he did try and kill you one time, which in the Hunger Games universe is kind of hot I guess. T4L out.