FMLYBND - Space And Time

12/30/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

As it turns out, the members of FMLYBND did not grow and prosper in the same uterus. Which kind of makes me feel there is some misguided marketing going on. But I read an interview where these folks talked about stage name inspiration, and they clarified they are besties who act as each other's family. While that sentiment is a little broadcast sitcom, I cannot agree more. My besties are my ride or die bitches, and I feel comfortable yelling at them like they are my little brother refusing to relinquish the tv remote. Family that do drugs together! Moving on to the important things here, FMLYBND has given us an amazing new jam to take with us into the new year. It's called "Space And Time," and makes me wanna drive around with the top down in summer. It's got a jangly feel-good beat, and is buoyed by catchy male vocals. The synths are twinkly and the guitars are sunshine-y. There's something earthy and otherworldly about it at the same time. Also they remind me of Phoenix a little bit. I'm sorry if that was like a 4th grader describing music. My point is, I love your song and I wish you great success in 2016. Rock on FMLYBND.