Lostboycrow- Love Won't Sleep

12/17/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Ugh, part of me wants to throw some serious shade at LBC. But I think that's just because I hate that even though he is a boy, he can hit notes higher than my falsetto could ever dream of reaching. And he has prettier hair. It's so long and voluminous, he's like IRL Jon Snow. Whereas I, unfortunately, fall somewhere between IRL Brienne of Tarth and IRL Olenna Tyrell -____-. Sry, can you tell I'm just the teeny, tiniest bit eager for GoT to get da fuq back on television?? Veering back to the point of this post, "Love Won't Sleep" is an infectious little slice of R&B-laced pop perfection. The track enables LBC to showcase both his velvety-smooth voice and his innovative production skills. The beginning really highlights his honeyed-yet-darkly-emotive vocals. They float effortlessly over a slow-building backbeat that completely evolves at the chorus into an explosion of ambient synth hits and jittery percussion. And I haven't even mentioned the amazing male-on-male harmonies happening here, y'allll! Those layered vocals are so warm and inticate, I bet Brian Wilson would have some serious wet dreams about them. I mean, not like 1980's Brian Wilson, considering he would have been too drugged to even realize he was listening to music, but 1960's Brian Wilson would definitely be into this.