Misun- Give It Up

12/17/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This cover art is EVERYTHING. It looks like a page from a comic book about superheroes who go to Woodstock (a comic I could definitely get behind by the way... #whaddupMarvel?) Our protagonists would face fearsome tasks, like trying to get through their brutal MDMA come-down or attempting to navigating their way through a mob of drunk 18-year-olds. This cover art is so distracting I haven't even mentioned Misun's new song, which is pure experimental-pop heaven. Everything from the futuristic synth to that simplistic, yet bumping, drumbeat swirl together under Wojcik's ever-infectious warblings. Here's an example of how to successfully use acoustic guitar in electronic music, folks! Take note Avicii. You can do all the guitar-guided tracks you want, but I'll take this chill jam over your cliche bangers any day of the week #srynotsry.