Quinn XCII- Another Day in Paradise (prod. by ayokay)

12/14/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Damn. This song has dreamy vibes for dayyyyys. Quinn XCII and ayokay first captured our hearts with their melodic "Stung" and now they've given us an early x-mas gift in the form of this infectious little ditty. I haven't seen a pair work this well together since Amy and Tina hosted the Golden Globes (referring to all three times here, folks. Those comedic besties absolutely slay the whole live-televised-event thang. Can they please just host everything? I would pay an absurd amount of money to watch them run the commentary during Thursday Night Football. Maybe then I would start to give a fuck about America's favorite sport #srynotsry).

With every play of this track my affection for it grows more and more. I love the combination of the brassy horns and Quinn XCII's poppy vocals here. He kind of sounds like K'naan, but I think I may only be making that comparison because both K'naan and Quinn XCII seem like they'd be suuuuuper fun to smoke a J with. But what really propels me into #hipsterheaven while listening to this track are those warped female vocals flitting in and out. They kind of sound like those singing flowers from Alice in Wonderland? Maybe that's a simile taken too far, but basically all I'm trying to say is that Lewis Carroll would be vibin' hard to this track.