RKCB - Lights Low

12/17/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments


Merry Christmas to us. RKCB is back with a new jam, and it is serving excellent slow-jam realness. Not that we would expect anything less; their music is always very sexy. I'm just saying, when I listen to RKCB I will swipe right to even the most-troll like folks of Tinder. Verne Troyer get at me. Anywayyyysss, "Lights Low" is not only smooth AF, it is also interesting from a story-telling perspective. Consider the lyrics: "You only want me when the lights low / Now that you're drinking will you say you need me? / You only touch me with the door closed." Who cannot relate to this!? (And if you can't, GTFO. You're probably a vegan too). It's a classic tale: someone only being into you past 2am. Tbt to every day of college, when the blackout men of the bar thought I was Blake Lively. The joke was on them in the daylight hours when I instead resembled Bellatrix Lestrange. Although to be fair, haven't we all been on the other side too? I definitely went home with Frodo more than once. I digress. The point is, RKCB sings about real things, people! Go out and get their EP Short Films, we've blogged legit half of it. T4L stamp of approval.