argonaut&wasp-The Sneeze

1/19/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Well isn't this a fun tune! I sound like a 86-year-old grandmother with that statement, but I also like watching Jeopardy! and wearing keds, so I'm pretty sure I'm too far deep into senior-citizen territory to try to sound cool, hip, and young now. Veering away from the depressing topic of my expedited internal aging, there's nothing old or dated about Burlington-born argonaut&wasp and their latest track. It's a refreshing burst of indie-funk discovered among all the synth-heavy songs and mediocre remixes currently clogging HypeM's charts. The variation in the guitar here—going from crisp to delightfully punchy to gritty under 4 minutes flat—makes "The Sneeze" all the more addictive. I can't stop pressing that repeat button. A couple blogs mention that these boys sound like a present-day Talking Heads and WoWeEeE WOW, that is so on-point. They are aurally identical. I don't h8 it in the slightest.