Chet Faker- In-Between

1/26/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Chet Faker. tho, guysssssss. Maybe it's just that I feel kinship to the Aussie lad since we're both gingers*, but I love him more and more with every run-in I have with him and his music. I've watch the "Gold" music video at least 34 times (5 during the Jonas lock-in, no lie), I've listened to "Drop the Game" so many times, my mother knows the song's name**, and Mr. Faker is approximately 76% of the reason I decided to buy a Gov Ball ticket and, as a result, the reason I have eaten ramen for the past 18 lunches. I'm not sure I'm cool enough to totally get Faker's latest, but I'll give it the good, old college try (something, ironically enough, I did not do in college rly -____-). My main observation is that "In-Between" sounds like something Tame Impala wishes they created. It's so percussion-driven and psychedelic, but in a way that even a DMB fan would be into, yah know? Oh, and if y'all couldn't tell, this song is about last week's blizzard #fuckingDUH.

*there's a strong bond there. Just look at the entire Vikings empire. or Li-Lo's characters from "The Parent Trap"

**the true test to determine whether any act has "made it," honestly