Eliot Sumner - After Dark

1/25/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Listen to this. Does it sound familiar? Does it sound EXACTLY like Sting? Well surprise people, this girl is the offspring of Mr. Roxanne himself. I'm pretty sure Helen Keller could have figured that shit out. Aside from the vocal comparisons though, it's unfair to boil Eliot Sumner's music down to just "Sting For Millennials." Her debut album Information (although she released music under the moniker I Blame Coco a couple of years ago), hit shelves cyberspace January 22nd, and not only does it surpass expectations for celebrity spawn (tbt to when Kelly Osbourne had an album and it was the worst***), it's stronger than the majority of indie albums that get churned out. The tracks aren't rambling or indulgent, they have a solid pop structure and great production. "After Dark" is my fav, mainly because there's a satisfying steady build, a hypnotic drum loop, and it contains the phrase "I don't really care after dark." So simple, but so true. I mean, when you're doing body-shots off some dude named Rico at 3am, that phrase was never more real.

***Jk it was so dope, especially the single called "One Word." It was most likely written by Swedish pop gods, definitely paid for by Ozzy, and I still know all the words.