Elohim - Pigments

1/22/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Sometimes, when I'm feeling especially emo, I think about the fact that songs are basically just poems set to music. Not all songs obviously. As much as I would like to label Pitbull the Shel Silverstein of the Top 40, I don't foresee history remembering him this way. Sure he brings a great beat, but his music doesn't contain too many vocab words besides "Mr. Worldwide." What I'm trying to say is that I think the best musicians not only construct great melodies, they come up with clever and meaningful lyrics to complement. Elohim is a special lady because she does this. Last year's "She Talks Too Much," not only possessed an addictive chorus, it contained phrases such as "It's like the sound of crazy." For real, I think that's one of the best lines ever. (shocking). "Pigments" is no different. Elohim's floaty voice carries a melancholy vibe while she delivers lyrics like "I can't make you love you." Idk maybe that's dumb and not that cool to u guys, but that phrase usually goes "I can't make you love ME" and I think the reversal is cool. Alright.... wrapping up this emo post. Elohim rulez. BYEEEEEE.