Kiiara - Say Anymore

1/12/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Girl, that is the most epic topknot I have ever seen. I rock the topknot most days, and my pitiful hair looks like a deflated ping pong ball. Yours looks like brunette Rapunzel trying an up-do, and I am the most jealous. Besides amazing hair, Kiiara also makes killer tunes. "Say Anymore" is this lady's first 2016 offering, and it's got all the elements we have grown to love about Kiiara. Firstly, hypnotic production. That drum loop is addictive and dance-y. The strings are new for her, and they work really well. Secondly, the electronic chipmunk vocal. I thought for awhile Kiiara was significantly distorting her voice with up-pitching, but I heard some Insta footage and she really sounds like that. It's cool as fuck and makes me excited to one day see her perform. Nothing is worse than discovering someone you loved on Hype Machine actually made their voice with garage band. It's like musical cat-fishing. Well Kiiara don't catfish no one y'all.