Lemaitre - Stepping Stone (ft. Mark Johns)

1/18/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Mark Johns first entered our lives last year with a killer cover of Niggas in Paris. She followed that up with a rendition of another Kanye jam -- "All Day." Both songs conquered our hearts, but since then, we have not heard a ton from this lady. She's basically been Adele -- eerily silent while the public (Hype Machine community) salivates for her return. Well, we are going to STFU about that absence now, because this song is a great comeback. "Stepping Stone" pairs this indie songstress with Norwegian producers Lemaitre, and the result is a sultry banger. Over some slow-burning bass, our girl sings about navigating the world solo. At least that's my interpretation. For all I know, this song could be about pineapple. But consider the following lyrics: "I'm sure you might have heard / All that glitters ain't gold / Wake up another day / I need to find my way home /Just me / traveling alone" Come on, it's like the bad-ass version of Alice and Wonderland. T4L loves it, and so should you.

P.s. Our love for Mark Johns hijacked this post, but Lemaitre is actually the main artist here and they are awesome too. Buy their EP 1749 on January 29.