LIVE! Review- The Knocks (Baby's All Right 1/14/2016)

1/16/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

When I die, please have my tombstone say "Saw Wyclef Jean cover the Bee-Gees in Brooklyn Club" All right, maybe I wouldn't lead with the Wyclef fact, but that is what happened to us on Thursday night. It was the coolest, and we have been total losers about it by telling everyone. I mean EVERYONE. Our roommates, clients on conference calls, employees in Hale & Hearty, etc. So while we have zero chill, let us stop and celebrate the talent and total showmanship of both Wyfclef Jean and The Knocks (!), whose show we actually bought tickets for. They had a varied and substantial set-list, and more importantly, brought the house down. Here are some notes on the show.

Baby's All Right (the venue of my dreams & nightmares) - Normally The Knocks play larger venues, so it was dope to see them in a club-y setting. It didn't feel like a concert, it felt like a dance party with the best DJs in the land. A European club I actually enjoy being at. Any place that lets you storm the stage during the encore is the place for me. The downside to this? 250 people had this same idea. It was so hot in this club I briefly thought I had contracted malaria. Coat check was for quitters here, so we suffered July heat with our puffy jackets.

The Knocks - I'm not over-exaggerating when I say that every single track these boys performed was memorable. Their sound is even more dynamic and addictive live than it is on record. The punchy drums and synth-heavy ditties spilled over the crowd, energizing the sea of drunken toddlers Brooklynites in front of them. It's always tempting to dismiss producers as less talented than say—a power-house singer, but they were really impressive musicians. Definitely the best act we've seen in 2016. And that will probably remain the case at least through May.

Lights & ambiance - A big part of a performance is presentation of the music. Yeah the singing & instruments were great, but what about the lights show!? Funny you should ask that, reader! The stage lighting happened to be epic. Not seizure inducing, but creative and complementary to the tunes. The Knocks brought great energy to the room as well. They didn't talk too much (thank god, I paid to hear music not hear about your supportive mom), but their scattered one-liners felt genuine and like they were truly psyched to be up there.

Lady guest stars - Seeing as they were at home in New York, The Knocks had plenty of buddies to call upon. Throughout the evening, they brought up not one, but four different guests to help them onstage. "Collect My Love," "The One," and "Classic" were all performed by bad-ass bitches with amazing stage wear. Not only was there a blue sequined jacket and a Little red riding hood capelet pumping up the crowd (and their Twitter numbers), they all had voices of pure gold. I wanted to steal that shit like Ursula did to Ariel. Not to mention the biggest surprise of the evening....

WYCLEF IS IN THE FUCKING BUILDING!! Scratch that, he's in the mother fucking room. He is so close that I can see how terribly he is aging, it's gr8! The 12-year-old inside me is catastrophically freaking out right now and the 23-year-old me is... also catastrophically freaking out actually. Everyone loves Wyclef, no? He transcends age. He's like diamonds. Or Sour Patch kids. It's hard to pin down the best moment, but it was either "Ready or Not", or the epic rap battle that commenced between him and The Knocks. Although we must also highlight the fact that Wyclef Jean was involved in a cover of "Walk This Way," a cross-over I never thought I needed, but that I now can't picture my life without.

Most ironic moment of the evening - When Wyclef waxed poetic about growing up in ghetto Brooklyn to a mostly white Millennial audience filming him with their cell phones. He is a musical God and his audience is garbage. You deserve better than us sir.

In closing, The Knocks were great. They have just begun their tour, so look and see if they are coming to a city near you!! Hurry!! Plus don't forget to download their new track with Wyclef, "Kiss the Sky," as well as any oldies you may have missed. T4L out.