Rationale- Something For Nothing

1/18/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I could tell before even looking up Rationale that he was U.K.-based. And if you know anything about t4L and our love all-encompassing OBSESSION with British music, you know that's the highest compliment one can receive. "Something For Nothing" is the Zimbabwe-born, London-based soul singer's latest and it's an absolute, electronically-tinged, R&B banger, y'all! Okay, maybe not a "banger" in the traditional sense, but I would still definitely groove to this any day of the fucking week. And I think most people would agree. The combination of that distorted vintage guitar and Rationale's swoon-worthy, rounded-out vocals is everything here. And, side note, that Cali-styled guitar going on in the beginning belongs in a Nelly song from 2002, STR8 UP. Again, one of the most admirable compliments an artist can garner from us. We love mid-2010's European electronic music and early-2000's rap more than we will probably love our first-born children here at t4L. That's not called being heartless, it's just called have good music taste #fuckingduh.